Monday, August 27, 2012

I found this great little online store this week called Cover your Hair. They have a huge selection of Hair accessories bows, flowers, feathers, head bands, hats and much much more. The prices are very reasonable. Ranging from under $5 to around $25.  Standard shipping is $4.99 or for orders over $30 you can get free super saver shipping check there site for details. I found a  tone of thing there that me and the girls would love to have. is super easy to navigate. There are categories along the side of the site so you can easily find what you are looking for. There are even some great how to videos if you need to learn how to tie one of there soft head bands.  We got to try out a couple items. A cute little fedora hat and a beautiful metal leaf head band.  The items arrived with in a few days I was very pleased with it. The fedora is super cute, my daughter snatched it from me. Its held up well and still looks nice and that's saying a lot considering my 5 year old has been wearing it all week. I love the the Metal leaf head band it looks so cute with my new hair cut. I love the delicate design of it and its actually more comfortable than I expected usually I hate hard head bands because they make my head hurt right behind my ears. This one is way more comfortable than most of the ones I have tried from other stores. has tone of great hair accessories so if you are looking for some great priced hair accessories this is a good place to go.

the look she gave me when I ask if I could try the fedora

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