Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ultimate SandBag


I have been looking for some new exercise equipment but had not really found anything that sparked my interest.  That is in tell I spotted the Ultimate Sand Bag  I have the

Ultimate Sandbag Training: POWER PACKAGE it sells for $99.99 Its comes with the outer bag that is 19Lx9w and two 10-15lbs filler bags, and a Training DVD that has six workouts. Its really a simple system you take the two filler bags and put sand in them you mad put more or less sand depending on how heavy you would like your Ultimate Sand Bag to be. Then you put the filler bags inside of the outer bag and then sip and snap it up. Its super easy to set up and very compact.

My daughter helping me show off
the Ultimate Sand bag is got 20lbs of sand
Iv had the Ultimate Sand Bag for about a month now i wanted to really test it out. I cant believe how much I have been using it. Its very versatile you can do just about any exercise with it that you would do with a set of free weights. The sand gives it a bit more of a challenge as it moves and shifts around. The ultimate sand bag has handles at different positions on the bag so you can grip it easily for different exercises. I love that is gives me an alternative to my standard work out so I can change things up a bit. I have defiantly noticed added muscle tone in areas that I was having trouble with since I started using the Ultimate Sand Bag. I am burning more calories in a shorter amount of time, for a mom that's a major bonus. I think the training DVD offers a good variety of work outs. They also offer additional free work outs on there site which I have found very helpful when I want to change up my work out. I think my favorite exercise is the clean and press it has given my shoulders and back amazing definition.  I also love doing squats and walking lunges with the Ultimate sand bag. I found it to be great for circuit  training, I don't have to swap equipment and I can transition from one exercise to the next.  I love that changing the weight of my sand bag is so easy I can add some sand or take some out depending on what I plan on doing for the day. It is a very tough bag, Great quality stitching and reinforcement at the stress points. Its sure to hold up for a long time to come. I think the possibilities with the Ultimate Sand Bad are endless. If you looking for great At home fitness equipment give a Ultimate Sand Bag a try. Its very affordable and small enough to stuff behind my couch. I would love to try out the new Water/sand bag filler so I think using water in my Ultimate Sand bag would another great way to enhance my work outs.

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product. 

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