Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JuJu Menstrual Cup

I wanted to send a big Thnaks to Brenda from the JuJu company for sending me the JuJu menstrual cup to review.

First the Facts and stats on the JuJu Menstrual Cup.
The Juju Menstrual cup is a cup that is used instead of a Pad or tampon it is rinsed and reused and can last up to ten years. So your saving lots of money in the long run  They are currently selling for $55.99 on there site The JuJu cup is currently no for sale in the USA or Canada but they hope tobe able to sell to the USA and Canada soon.
the JuJu cup comes in two sizes Model 1 for children who DO NOT have children and are under 30 years of age. Model 2 is for women over 30 years of age and or have had a child.
They are a silicone cup, and is 100% hypo-allergenic and contains no additives such as dyes.
Model 1 Capacity is 20ml with a 40mm diameter, rim to base of the cup is 46mm and rim to stem is 65mm
Model 2 Capacity is 30ml with a 46mm diameter, rim to base of the cup is 50mm and rim to stem is 69mm
My JuJu cup came in a great box that opened like a flower which i thought was cool There pouches come in three great colors blue green and a purple sorta color. There pouches are very well made they are a satin type material and they are lined so there is no raw edge on the inside of your pouch.
I have been using my JuJu cup exclusively for two cycles now I am a mommy so they recommend the size 2 cup for me. I am able to use both the model 1 and the Model 2 cup with out and leaks.  The model 2 cup Feels Firmer to me than the model 1 cup does so the bottom is a bit harder to pinch than the model one but I can still remove it Just fine. The stem of the JuJu cup is triangle shaped and soft and flexible The stem on the Model 2 is a bit long for me but its soft and flexible enough that i haven't felt the need to trim it.  the grip on the JuJu cup is a cute flower design but Its not very raised so it can be a bit slippery to grip and its the only real thing i can say needs improvement the flower design of it is great but it needs to be a bit more raised.  the Suction release holes are around the upper part of the rim instead of under it like my femme cup and they are smaller. The JuJu cup does have the JuJu name on the inside around the rim but i don't have any trouble cleaning it i simply rinse mine with a mild soap and water if i find any thing in the suction release holes i fill it with water place my hand on top and squeeze the bottom and it forces water through the holes and cleans them quite well.
I am please with both sizes of the JuJu cup and both sizes are comfortable for me to use I use the Model 2 cup For the beginning of my cycle because it has a larger capacity and the model 1 Cup for the rest of my cycle. I typically empty my cup once a day or twice a day depending on if i feel like it or not. I have yet to experience any leaks. I recently Helped my dad build a shop and went an entire day from 6am to 5pm with out emptying it or even thinking about it I completely forgot about it its that comfortable and easy to use. If i had been using a pad or tampon i would have had to change every 2-3 hours.
I hope you found the review helpful and if you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment.



  1. I've seen this before and it is an interesting idea. It kind of creeps me out but I think I may try it. I go through so many tampons throughout my cycle and I would rather "go green". I may have to investigate further.

  2. I'm interested but live in the United States. Will they sell it or do we have to wait for this FDA approval?