Monday, October 3, 2011

Bumbo Baby seat

Picture is from the walmart website

today's review is the Bumbo baby seat.

The Bumbo is a seat designed for small baby's who can not yet sit up on there own. It providees them with proper support and alignment.  The Bumbo can be found at most stores that carry baby products. this is the original bumbo site they run about $44.00 at walmart and that includes the tray.

We have had our bumbo for several years now the coating has woren down some where there legs sit. But you have to know this has gone thought 6 kids counting mine and my sisters kids.  It has been a well loved seat.  It has done its job well My daughters were able to sit up in it at about 3 months and we used it tell they were about 8-9 months when they both learned to twist side ways and pop them selves out of the seat. The tray was very handy for small gerber puffs and diced veggies it was also a great play place to put toys for them to play and kept them in the seat a bit longer once they learned to pop them selves out of it. 

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful if you have any questions please feel free to ask

There was a recall on them a couple years a go it was for the addition of a sticker warning parents to put the bumbo on the floor. Aparently there were a few parents who didnt use commen sence and placed it on tables chairs coutches etc with baby in it and they fell off and babys got hurt. There was never actually anthing wrong with the seat. Just be smart and think when you use it and youll be fine.

Over all its a great seat for small babies my girls loved it I would recomend it. The only down side to the Bumbo baby seat is its a bit on the pricy side.

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