Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug

Today's Review is the Twilight Ladybug
by Cloud B product
 This is there site if you'd like to check them out.  It sells for about $29.95 but we got ours locally at a conservation center and i believe we paid $25.00 for it. They also have Twilight sea Turtle that is very cute also. We bought the Lady Bug for my daughter last year because I call her lady bug.

What it is and How it Works:
This is a cute lady bug that Lights Up to project a full night sky on the ceiling and walls of your child's room. You have three colored light options that will project different colored stars. You can select which color you like on the back side of its shell. You have the options of Blue, Green, or Red. My daughters like the blue the best but then again they pick blue for everything. The shell illuminates to give off a soft glow which is a great night light for mom. Its just bright enought for me to check if there covers are on with out waking them up. It has an automatic 45 minute shut off that is nice because it saves on batteries. It runs off three AAA batteries. They last quite a while for us and we use it every night at bed time and then some times during the night if i need to check on her. Batteries usually last us 6+months.  There is a flap you can open on the bottom to access the battery compartment it does require a small screw driver to open it.  The Lady bugs dimensions at 14in long 5.5 in tall so its a decent size Ladybug. The body is a soft plushie but it does have a hard shell so i wouldnt recomend sleeping with it in bed.We have the red shell and black body lady bug but they now have a pink and green lady bug that you can now choose from.

Things I liked about the Twilight LadyBug
  • Night Sky projection
  • Soft glowing shell
  • 45min auto shut off  turns back on when you press the moon which is easy to feel in the dark.
  • the batteries last quite a while for us I think this set is curently going on 7 months
  • Its cute
Things I did no care for about the Twilight LadyBug
  • The Red and black coloring on the Shell scraches my daughter droped it on the tile floor and now his shell is scratched up.
  • I wish the stars rotated.
  • Priced a little High
Over all Its a great product My daughter really Enjoys it. It gives her something to watch at night while she is trying to fall asleep and it allows me to be able to check on her with out disturbing her.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Cloudb Twilight ladybug and will continue to follow my blog for more great product reviews.

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