Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Matific Galaxy Review

Matific Galaxy is the new fun math game in our house. Matific Galaxy is a  game based math program for grades K-6. This is an online subscription based math game/program. It can be played on a computer or by using the app on an Ipad I phone or Android device. You can subscribe in one of two ways. By grade level which is what we did or you can get all the grade levels K-6. By grade level is $19.99 all the grade levels are $39.99. This is a per child pricing but they do offer a discount for additional children. It offers over 1,000 activities and is a learn at your own pace program. The lessons and activities are based on educational curriculum that many school systems use.

We are using the 6th grade level it covers 46 different skills your child should know in 6th grade.  Division, negative numbers, ratios, data analysis, fractions, coordinate planes, volume and percents are just a few of the topics covered in this level. You subscribe online and create your log in and your child's log in etc. You can then use the program through the web browser or you can choose to download the app.  I downloaded the 6th grade app on my iPhone. We could not get it to download on our Ipad 2 it told us the soft where was to old. It downloads like any other app and you enter your log in information into the app and away you go.

My 6th grader thinks this is the best math game ever. She had been playing it daily for weeks now and is showing no signs of boredom what so ever. If you take a look at the first screen shot it has what she calls worlds. That she can choose from. Each one has different games that she can do. There are only so many worlds unlocked the more you play the more worlds you can unlock.

 The next one down is a little pixel guy that she is earning pixels to fill him in and rescue him.

This is one of the math challenges it has her complete. In this one she has to find the missing vertex. If you get it wrong you get another try.

So far all the games she has played are in line with thing she is beginning to learn for 6th grade. She voluntarily spends quite a bit of time on Matific Galaxy. I am excited that screen time is learning time and I don't have to fuss to get her to practice math.

From the parent/teacher end of things you can get some really nice reports that tell you how your child is scoring in each topic. Did not see a print button but I just do a screen shot and print when I need something for records. You can also view your child's certificates which is handy. I do sort of wish I could select which topics I want her to work on that way I could customize it for what we are currently working on in math, or so she can get some extra practice on something she is having trouble with. Over all I think this is a great supplement to any math program. If you have a kid that loves screen time this is probably something they will enjoy.

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