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ArtAchieve Entire Level I Review

Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review
Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve ReviewIt's art time in our house. I though it would be fun for the girls to do some art this summer. We are loving ArtAchieve.The girls are doing the Entire Level I lessons. This is the first level of art lessons that are offered by ArtArchieve. 

First you need to download the lesson pages that you want to do. We started with the first one of course. I downloaded all the pages needed for them to do the lesson. The warm up pages come in different levels of difficulty so if you have a younger child you can have them do the easier warm up pages. The girls tried out both the easy and more difficult ones. The more difficult ones just have more detail in them. You will watch either a PowerPoint lesson or a video, then do your drawing.

Each lesson teaches a different drawing technique and I felt like each one built on the others to improve your drawing ability. The videos were nice because they some times made a mistake and did something to fix it. This was great because it showed my daughter that no one is perfect and everyone makes a mistake that there is no right or wrong in art. Both the videos and power point lessons are easy to understand and follow. Some times a marker was used to do the drawing in the lesson and the girls thought he should use a pencil first because you can erase a pencil. Then go back over the drawing with marker and color once it was finished. 

The lessons start out simple. Learning how to make different kinds

of lines that you would typically use in drawing. Then it moves on to learning about how to do shading on round and square objects. These are all great stepping stones to becoming a good artist. I felt that it gave a nice foundation to some of the basics. The upper lessons have you work on more complicated drawings. Things like the Chinese dragon and a dragon fly. They are more complicated than the first 4 lessons but they are still simple enough to be considered beginning drawing. 

My little one enjoys the warm up pages the most. The warm up pages breaks up the picture in small pieces so they can just practice making some of the lines. The little bite sized pieces make it a little less intimidating for her. Eventually I think she will work up to feeling confident enough to draw the picture as a hole. She says they are fun and ask me to print more than one copy of the one we are working on for the lesson. She likes to do them several times. 

My oldest prefers to just jump in and tackle the big picture. She does the warm ups but she would rather just jump into the actual picture. She seems to prefer the power point to the video as she can click to the next page when she is ready. She said she likes to draw the picture at the same time the instructor does. So the power point is just a little easier to control and she can go step by step to draw the picture. 

We are looking forward to finishing up Level 1 of ArtAchieve. I would love for you to click the banner and read the reviews on the other levels of ArtAchieve. 

Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

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