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NotebookingPages.com Review

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

Guess what we got ! 
Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership ReviewsA Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com. We are trying out some great printable pages. NotebookingPages.com has 1000's of printable pages, themes and designs on just about any subject or study you might want to do. This is our first real trip into Notebooking land. The girls were on the fence about it, they are not big fans of writing assignments. But they were willing to give it a try. Since we are starting to learn the States and different things that makes them special, we focused on the geography section of NotebookingPages.com.

The site is easy to navigate. Once you log in, it uses simple tabs at the top for the main categories. Then once you open the main categories it has sub categories under where you can find different topics like geography, history, holidays(which we will be starting soon), science/nature and famous people. Since I knew I wanted to start with geography I clicked the geography tab and then went from there. I found pages not only for each state, but I found them for US Monuments and Memorials, US Parks etc. There was a notebook for every state in the united states. I printed off the notebooks for California, Arzonia, New Mexico, Texas, Oaklohma, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. I put all the pages in to small folders so each state had it's own mini notebook. The printable's cover things like the state flag, when it became a state, state flower, state bird, state motto, state seal etc. There are even blank notebooking pages for your child to write about each states history.

I was surprised at how much my girls enjoyed these. There favorite pages are the ones that have a little picture to color with a shorter amount of information to be filled out. Like the pages with the state flower and state bird. It has the picture you can color on the top then a place on the bottom to fill in what kind of bird and what flower go with that state. These type of pages are great for the younger kids like my 6 and 8 year old. Some of the other pages that they enjoyed were the ones that had fill in the blank spaces for information about the states. We used the internet and encyclopedias to look up this information then fill them in. Once they were filled in we added them to the notebook binder. 

When you purchase NotebookingPages.com you will get some instructional emails on how to start using notebooking in your home. These are really helpful if you have never used notebooking in your homeschool. You will also find some tutorials on the top of the website after you have logged in.  I also discovered some great tips and tools and videos on putting your notebooks together and how to notebook. 

We only used a small portion of whats available on NotebookingPages.com, other Crew members used different topics that we did. If you click the banner below you can read the other reviews and see more of what NotebookingPages.com has to offer.
Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews
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