Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Garden Up Date

 The garden is growing this year it's actually growing. We just harvested enough green beans for a hole meal. This is a first for us, never before have we been able to pick enough green beans at one time to actually make a meal. We planted 23 strawberry plants this spring. I am happy to report that all of them are alive and well and we even got a small hand full of strawberries the other day. I planted 4 new blueberries bushes but we lost one to some kind of fungus that attacks young blueberry bushes thankfully it was just the one bush. We will replace it in the spring with a new one. We planted two thorn-less black berry bushes. Both are doing well and about knee high. Hopefully we will see some blackberries come off it next summer.

Today I noticed the wild blackberries are almost ready. This means a blackberry picking adventure with the girls in another week or so. We will have to keep a close eye on them so we can pick them just as soon as they are ready. If we wait to late the birds and deer will get them all. We never get a lot off the wild bushes but we do get enough to make some smoothies and to snack on. The girls like getting to hike and spend time together.

May be Hotrod girl will take some pictures of the garden and I will share them next week.

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