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MaxScholar, MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

MaxScholar offers a variety of activities for students to improve reading skills with their MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs. For this program we received the MaxGuru option. This Pack includes: all MaxPhonics, all MaxReading, all MaxWords, all MaxMusic, all MaxPlaces, all MaxBios, all MaxVocab. Cost is around $279. 

Basically MaxScholar is a comprehensive, multi-sensory, reading and language program. It helps students to improve reading skill and language skills. It was created to help students who have learning disabilities like Dyslexia and ADHAD etc. The program uses the Orton-Gillingham approach and the Lindamood-Bell Process. Each section can be adapted to a specific child's needs. The program can be accessed from home on a PC or by using the App on a tablet or other mobile device. 

There are several different areas to MaxScholar. We did not have time to try them all out so we focused on just a few of them.
MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
MaxMusic offers Piano Games and more. It uses games to get students engages in reading and learning. The girls like the Piano the best. It has them pick an artist then a song then the computer plays bits of the song on the piano and you have to click after it to repeat the song. They girls seem to enjoy it they play it quite a bit. I don't care for all the artist that on it though. The piano has the letters on the keys so they are getting some letter recognition from it. They also need to read the lyrics before beginning the game.

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs ReviewThe girls also like MaxPlaces. It contains about 51 cities that your kids get to learn about. The girls like learning about new places. For this one you select a city or attraction from the map. It's a world map and it has a few places in each country. They they have to read a little paragraph about that place. The passage usually has a decent amount of information in it. Once they have read the paragraph they are ask some multiple choice questions about what they just read. This is a little bonus reading comprehension. I love to sneak this in when I can. I would love to see some more places added to the map in the future. 

MaxBios teach about famous and interesting people from both our past and present. It uses a timeline format to help students learn chronological order. They select a category like Amazing Women, then they select a person. They are given a biography about that person and what they did. The program provides them with highlighters so they can mark things they feel are important. Once they are done reading they are given some questions about the person they just learned about. I like the way this is set up my kids seem to enjoy it. But they were disappointed that they couldn't find one about the first president of the United States. I also felt there were a few other important people that were missing. I hope they expand it in the future because we will be done with these before the year is over. 

The girls enjoyed the program and I would love for you to click the banner and read the other crew reviews. Other members have tried out different sections of MaxScholar and you should hear what they are saying about it.

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
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