Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Fun

Our school year is winding down now. We have begun our summer schedule where our official curriculum has been mostly completed. We begin to focus on any weaknesses we may have before the new year starts. We will have from now tell July 1 to brush up on anything that needs reviewing. We are doing something a little different this summer. The girls have the opportunity to participate in a local summer day camp.  They will learn horse back riding, swimming lessons, art lessons, obstacle course, archery and team building skills etc.  Camp is giving them the opportunity to get out and try some new things they have never done before and a chance to make some new friends. They are both looking forward to the horseback riding lessons the most. I am excited that they will get some much needed swimming lessons. We spend a lot of time splashing at the river and visiting the water park. We have been working on some basic swimming skills. But they will really benefit from some actual lessons.

End of the school year also means its time for mom to get curriculum prepared for the new year. This year I have done quite well getting curriculum before hand. I still have two subjects to order for the new year. I have gone back and forth trying to decide on what I would like to do for history and science. But at last I have finally decided and I think the girls will both be happy with the choice. Now I just need to get it ordered so I have some time to get the year planned before the new year starts. Planning the year is my least favorite task of homeschooling. I tend to get overwhelming trying to plan out an entire year of learning in just a week or two. How ever it must be done and I am determined to be a little more organized this year.

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