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JazzEdge - Easy Piano Basics Review

JazzEdge  Review

JazzEdge offered the girls the opportunity to learn piano. For the past 6 weeks or so, the girls have been working with Easy Piano Basics. This is a beginner piano program it is designed for someone who has never ever played before.   There is a 1 time price of $59.95 and you can use the program as much as you want to. Which is great because you can review the lessons over and over again. Sign up is easy simply click this link

The program is designed to teach you the basics of piano in about 90 days. Easy Piano Basics contains 32 video lessons with printable sheet music. The program recommends that you practice for 5-10 minutes a day 5 days a week. The video lessons run around 4 minutes or so. You are encouraged to go through all the lessons in order and not skip ahead. This is how they recommend you do the lessons.
Days 1-14  lessons 1-7
Days 15-30 lessons 8-11
Days 31-45 lessons 12-19
Days 46-60 lessons 20-24
Days 61-75 lessons 25-28
Days 76-90 lessons 29-31
You can view the lessons from any device with internet. My girls use the Ipad because they can prop it up on the music stand. We tried it with the laptop since it has a bigger screen. But we found that having to sit it off to the side made it hard for them to pause and practice what the teacher was showing them. Having the Ipad propped up right in front of them worked much better. The girls tried using the program on a smaller keyboard but it is a cheep O from toys r us and is really not in tune. My dad graciously allowed us to borrow his big fancy keyboard. It is a full sized keyboard and has lots of bells and whistles, that I have no idea how to use. How ever a full sized keyboard is not a requirement for the program.  There is no music theory with this program for which I am thankful for. Its just simple basic piano lessons that give you the fundamentals that you need to start playing. The program uses easy to understand video lessons that you can do any where. You do have the option to download the videos so you can watch them off line.

My 7 year old and 5 year old are using this program so we are going a bit slower than recommended.  We have been taking about a week for each lesson so they can get in plenty of practice. We are still working with the first 8 lessons. I have to admit I know nothing about playing music but these videos are so easy to understand.  After the first week the girls could find the C and F keys with out any trouble at all. Snoopy can play them both forwards and backwards. I think she might be the one to get my dads musical talent. They are also learning what a high and low notes are. They are both still trying to memorize where all the notes on the piano are at. Snoopy seems to be having an easier time memorizing than hotrod princess is. Snoopy says she likes that it is easy to understand, and she can pause the lesson any time and try out what he has been talking about. Hear is a picture of what you would see with one of the lessons. I like that the keyboard is bigger than the instructor. It makes it easier to see what his hands are doing.  I do wish the video lesson gave a home work assignment for the week. Its written under the video lesson but my kids never seem to see that part.  It would be great if at the end of the lesson he gave a clear you need to practice _________. Then may be give a quick demo of what all to practice for the week. I think it would really help smaller kids better understand what they should be practicing for the week.

JazzEdge  Review
The program comes with downloadable sheet music. Downloading is simple, you just click the link on the right hand side of your main dash board. It is clearly labeled and easy to spot. We have only used one piece of the downloadable sheet music so far. I have printed them off and made her a cute little music book. Looking through the pages the music looks fairly simple. Each page is marked on the top right hand side with the lesson that the music sheets go with. This will make it simple for my 7 year old to be able to find the music that goes with the lesson she is working on.  The music is printed in a larger size so its easier for younger kids to see.

This is a short video clip of hotrod princess showing her PoP what she had learned this week.

The girls have really enjoyed the program so far and it is well worth the price. The girls are picking it up fast enough that they are encouraged to keep going with the lessons and that makes me one HAPPY Momma. Click the link below to see what some of the other crew members are saying about EasyPiano Basics.
JazzEdge Review
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