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Critical Thinking Company Review
I have been working with the vender GPA LEARN on a product review called GPALOVEMATH. You can check them out here at http://www.greatparentsacademy.com/ . As you can tell from the product name this company loves math. GPALOVEMATH is a super cool online math program. It is designed for kindergarten through 5th grade. It uses animated characters to teach math in a fun way. GPALOVEMATH offers supplemental math help with over 150 lessons and over 10,000 practice problems per grade level. If your child does 4-5 lessons a week they should finish there grade level in approximately 10 months. It has built in tracking and the program sends you a email of what lesson your child completed and how they did. It also offers cool surprises and customizable rewards to encourage your child's learning. Pricing is simple you can do a yearly subscription where you get all grades k-5 for a special introductory price of $129 per child per year (use promo code GPAINTRO15) its regularly $149. or you can do a monthly subscription of $12.99 per month per child.
The girls finished there main math curriculum a month or so a go. We have been scrambling to pull together review work. That is until I was introduced to GPALOVEMATH. It is designed as a supplemental math program but I am having a hard time keeping my girls off it. My five year old is currently working on the first grade level. My 7 year old is doing the second grade level. I have had to limit them to one lesson a day. If I didn't have a limit she would probably have the program finished in a month. I will use the kindergarten level as my example. Each grade level has a different teacher. They also take place in a different setting. The kindergarten grade level takes place in the Artic and her instructor is a cute penguin. The instructor talks to you so make sure your computer has sound. The program uses a learning path each lesson builds on its self. Yesterday she did a lesson on measuring. It starts out with an instruction section. Where the Penguin explains the lesson and gives plenty of examples of how to do each problem in this case how to measure to the nearest inch.
After the instruction section there are practice problems that your child is ask to do. Each problem is read aloud to your child. They then use the skills learned in the lesson to solve the problem. If they answer the  problem is incorrectly they are given a chance to try it again. We found the problems to be grade level appropriate. We like the practice problems and they have really helped the girls. I do how ever wish it could tell them what they have done wrong after a couple of try's.
Once all the practice problems have been completed they move on to the quiz portion. Quiz questions are also read to them.  Super helpful if you have a kindergartener that is learning to read. Or if you have an auditory learner. Both grade levels we are using give 10 quiz questions. Once the quiz is completed it gives your child a grade. It tells them how many they got wrong. It gives them the chance to see what problems they got incorrect. It also awards points. You get a different amount of points depending on how you did on the quiz. The better you do them more points you get. You also get a badge. You can get Rock Star, Excellent, or Nice Job. 
The points your child earns for lessons can be redeemed for prizes under the motivate section of there account. You will set this up when you first sign up. You can also customize what prizes are offered to your child or you can let the program choose them for you. I went the custom route. We added prized like Ice cream party, trip to the water park, stay up 30 min past bed time, play day at the park. They can even use the points to shop for there own reward. One of the rewards that was available last week was a toys r us gift card. My girls each earned a $10 toys r us gift card. All rewards must approved by the parent. The rewards have been a great motivator for the girls. They are currently trying to out do each other to see who can get the most prizes.  The toys r us gift card has been a favorite though. Its not a place we get to shop at often so that is a real treat for them.
As the parent this is my favorite part.  You will get an email each time your child has completed a lesson. So no matter where I am at, If I have my phone with me I know they have completed what they were suppose to be doing. The email tells you what lesson they did. How long they spend on the lesson. It also tells what score they got on the quiz. If your child had trouble with the quiz you will get a notice that they need to try the lesson again. I find this super helpful as they are currently doing the program independently. I like receiving emails it keeps me updated and it allows them to build the skills they need to work more independently.  The email reports also keeps them from being able to skip the lesson part with out me knowing it. I can tell by how long they spent on the hole lesson if they tried to skip or not. You will also get a weekly summary of how your child did for the week. This is very handy to see how the week went at a glance. The parent dashboard is great it allows me to look between children and see what and how they have been doing. It also allows me to modify and approve prizes. I can even send them encouraging notes from my dashboard to there's. This is what the parent dash board looks like. Its very simple to understand and gives you all the important information you need in one simple location.
 My girls are completely thrilled with GPALOVEMATH. I like the yearly subscription option the best. It allows the girls to bounce from grade level to grade level as they need. Like many homeschool kids they are often between grade levels. So the yearly subscription would work best for us. This is a programs that the girls will learn a lot from and will continue to want to use for a few years. Check out what other Crew members are saying by clicking the link below.
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