Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another week is Here

Here it is Wednesday evening and things are crazy around our house. We spent the weekend with my
sister and her crew cleaning out the big cedar trees out front. We finally got some nice weather and the girls got in some serious outside PE time. We spent all day today at the park and archery range. Snoopy is getting better at pulling her bow and is working hard at it. Hotrod girl really enjoyed helping her figure out her bow. This is the first time she has really be able to pull the bow far enough to actually stick an arrow in the target. So that was an exciting moment for us. They both will probably end up shooting better than me in the end. We have actually managed to get quite a bit of classwork done this week. The girls worked so well that we are even ahead in science and history. We just finished a chapter on the layers of the earth. 
We took a quick field trip on Monday to the Shut-ins we wanted to observe the changes in the river now that the snow pack has finally melted off. The girls couldn't believe how the 9in of snow we had this last month could make the river swell that much. We had a good time hiking and I even managed to snag a few pictures of the rising water and the girls looking over the edge of the bluff.

Pictures from our field trip:

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