Wednesday, March 4, 2015

53 Progress

the box tubing is the upper shock mount that I made
It will never be seen once the bed is on.
We are still ankle deep in snow here in Missouri and more is falling as I type. Today was a good day to play in the warm shop. The girls had there class work done early so I had some free time.  Work is progressing slowly on the 53. Last week we got the mounts made for the rear shock mounts. The original mounts that we bought would not work with the air shocks that I need to put on the truck. We made some minor modification to the original mounts. We extended them by about an inch and a half to get clearance between the shock and the springs. Then we had to make an additional upper mount in order to get the correct angle and height that the new air shocks require.

Next on our list is to stuff a LS1 engine into the narrow frame of the 53. This too will take some modifications but its nothing my torch and welder cant handle.

out home made blinking exit sign
we used strip LED lights it looks cool when its
Mocking up the engine so we can get the mounts set.

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