Thursday, December 13, 2012

Obol The Original Crispy Bowl

A pict of it in the box because she
says the box is important.
With two kids, someone in my house is always eating something. The Obol is quite possibly the best bowl in the world. Well at least for my family it is. Obol is The Original Crispy Bowl. With an Obol you will never eat soggy cereal again. The Obol is the most unique bowl I have ever seen. It has two sections: one down low for your milk and another up higher for your cereal with a little opening so you can swoop some cereal down into the milk before you scoop it out to eat it. It's called the Swoop n Scoop and the girls love it. You can check out the Obol here They have them at every Brookstone store and at  There are two sizes of Obol. The original Obol is 8 in and holds 1 1/2 cups in the top and 2 cups in the bottom. Price for the Obol Original is $19.99. It comes in white, green, red, blue, orange and pink. Then there is the new Obol Jr. it is 7 in and holds 1 cup in the top and 1 cup in the bottom. Price for the Obol Jr. is $10.99. It comes in white, green, red, blue and purple. They also have a cool looking spoon called the Spoonit, and it has a ball shape on the handle and is designed for a steady grip and less drip reservoir and an angled tip. It sells for $6.99. The Obol and the Spoonit comes in some great colors too- green, red, blue, and purple and white. 

I received both the Original Obol and the Obol Jr. and a Spoonit to try out this week. These are some quality made bowls they are not flimsy in any way. They do have a little bit of weight to them but they are not  super heavy they just feel solidly made. I love the cool shape and they just look fun. Obol's unique shape is super easy to hold. They have a no slip grip on the under side of the bowl to help prevent drops. I love the that my cereal doesn't get soggy when one of the girls needs something in the middle of eating. It's not just good for cereal either. The girls have eaten vegetables in the top and dip in the bottom. Chips and salsa, Oreo's and milk offer no problem getting my hand in the bowl to dip them in milk. I can even use it to hold two different snacks at once while the girls are watching a movie.  Snoopy can have her celery in the top, and the Hot Rod princess can have her grapes in the bottom, and mom only has one bowl to wash. They are top rack dishwasher safe- a big plus for those of you that have a dishwasher. I love that the lower part is deep so it's easier for little ones to scoop without sloshing milk all over.  The girls love it as you can probably tell from the pictures. They have argued over who gets to use which bowl since I took them out of the box.  The colors they are bright, fun and beautiful.  The smaller one does stack inside the larger one fairly well. But I am not sure how well two or three of the same size will stack because we don't have two Obols of the same size to test it out. We have the 8 in Obol and the 7 in Obol. I would love to get another 7in Obol so that I have one to use. Another Spoonit would be great so they don't argue over it all the time.
See the great Spoonit shape

The Spoonit is cool with its unique round handle. Its easy to grip and the curved reservoir keeps the milk, yogurt, soup etc. where it belongs. I think the Spoonit would be great for people like my mom who suffer from arthritis because it's very easy to hold on to. The girls both love the spoonit the Hot Rod Princess would like them to make a kid size Spoonit. Because this one is a little too big for her kid size hand and mouth. They did think it was cool and still enjoy eating with it even if it's a little big. I do think they take up a little more room in my kitchen drawer than the average spoon does, but for me it's not a big deal. 

Swoop and Scoop!

Did I mention that Obol Is made in the USA !
I love a great American Made Product. And its BPA Free!

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.


  1. Hey Julie. First of all, Thank you for the review. I am curious to find out if you think the Jr. size would be just fine for an adult. I have read other places that the large Obol is huge and possibly cumbersome due to that fact. I am wanting to get this for my girlfriend who occasionally eats cereal and just want to make sure it I get the right one. Thanks in advance as your opinion and thoughts concerning the matter would be appreciated.

    1. Hi slinky as an adult I do like the size of the Obol Jr it works well for me and the ammount of cerial I eat. I have smaller hands but I dont have a problem holding either size they both feel comfortable to me. The large obol is big it holds more cerial than I usually eat in one sitting so for me the obol jr is great.