Monday, November 14, 2011

Yuuki Menstrual Cup

I was given the oppertunity to review the Yuuki Menstrual cup it was given to me by the Yuuki company The

First the Stats on the Yuuki Menstrual Cup they can be found hear
Yuuki comes in two sizes size one and size two
size one is designed for girls and women who have not had a child Size Two is foe women who have given birth and are older than 28 years of age.

Left Size 1 Right size 2

Cup No. 1 (small):
  • length   67 mm
  • width (average)  42 mm
  • capacity  25 ml
  •  capacity to the safety ring 13 mm
Left Size 1 Right size 2
Cup No. 2 (large):
  • length   75 mm
  • width (average)  47 mm
  • capacity  37 ml
  • capacity to the safety ring  25 ml
The Yuuki menstrual cup is made from liquid silicone rubber Silopren LSR 4050 which is safe and non toxic and does not contain any dyes or  phthalates it also prevents the multiplication of bacteria.

My Yuuki cup came to me in a bubble envlope inside of a Cardboard storage tube. It also included Easy to read Instructions which i had no trouble figuring out and I believe even a young girl woul be able to understand.. I believe the Yuuki  cup is one of the more firmer feeling cups which makes it Pop open easier in my opinion. I like the angle of the suction holes I feel like it gives me a bit more wear time before it needs to be emptied. The Grip Rings on the bottom are great. They are nice and grippy and make it super easy to get a hold of when trying to remove it. So if you are a momma who has trouble with a slippery cup the Yuuki cup may be for you. It also has a very soft flexable hollow stem which makes it harder to feel.

I Know the cup comes in two sizes I have given birth to two babys and had 3 pregnancys and I am able to use either Cup. the size two cup is definatly longer than the size one so if you have a lower cervix you may have trouble with the size two not sitting high enough.  The size one does not hold as much as the size two so you would have to empty more often.  Both cups have measurement lines on them so that makes it easier to tell your gyn how much your flo is.

Cleaning is super easy like my other Cups I simply wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry good before I put it backin the storage Container. If I find the suction release holes around the rim are blocked I simply fill the cup with warm water place my hand over the top so it forms a seal and then squeez the bottom of the cup forcing the water out of the holes. I have never had a problem getting it clean.

Storage is unique with the Yuuki cup Most Menstrual cups come with a cotton or satin storage poutch but the Yuuki comes with a cardboard tube with a plastic lid for storage. I like the container but its a tad bulky for my purse so I would probable want a cloth poutch of some sort for when i need to carry it with me. They do have cloth poutches available on there site if you wanted to buy one when you ordered your Yuuki Cup.

I believe the Yuuki Cup to be a quality product for a great price around $25 USD which is not much considering you can use it again and again for many years to come. I would have no Problems with getting one for my daughters when the time comes.


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