Wednesday, November 23, 2011
The World's Finest Glass Drinking Straws

I received these straws as a sample for this review Picture taken by me

I am into Reusable Products lately I think the quality is usually better and I love that I can use them over and over again. I received Glass Straws from

The cool reinforced colored tips
I have to say These straws are another Great Reusable product. They come in a variety of sizes including length and diameter or fatness as my daughter calls it. They offer colored straws too you can get colored dots on them or  they have some with Reinforced colored tips.
So like all products on my blog I love to give a Product a real test with my family. I had everyone pick and try a straw they were interested in and this is what we thought.

I have to say These straws are another Great Reusable product. I liked the Reinforced colored tips the best I thought these were neat to drink out of as they have a unusual shape me and my two year old took picked them as favorites I also enjoyed using the larger diameter straw with my frozen coffee and milk shake. My mom was not as big as a fan though she preferred the Slightly bent straw. My four year old liked the little short kids straw the best she used small cups and she thought they were easy. We all ended up having out favorites out of this review.

GlassStraws  offers cleaning brushes for easy cleaning and Storage bags so you can take your glass straws with you where ever you go.
Cleaning is simple they are dishwasher and microwave safe. I rinse our straws out as soon as we are done using them but I do recommend having a Cleaning brush on hand just in case one happens to get forgotten about and gets yucky inside. Then you can simply run the cleaning brush in both ends of the glass straw a couple times and they clean right up. I do pop mine in the dishwasher on occasion. Has a life time guarantee if your straw gets broken you can simply contact and they will replace it Free no questions ask. You are responsible for shipping charges but that's a Rockin Guarantee. Did I mention that GlassStraws are

All proudly
Made in the USA

Yes that's right another Amazing American Made Product and I am Proud that I got to review it for you. If you have any Questions Feel Free to contact me.

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  1. These are cool. At first glance they look like something else :O