Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Wrap-N-Mat we received after my daughters tested them  

I received two sizes of Wrap-N-Mat as samples from the Wrap-N-Mat Inc for this review. http://www.wrapnmat.com/Default.aspx
The Wrap-N-Mat has two versions one is 100% Made in the USA hand Swen by American Women for the last 13 years. the other is made in china.

the snack pouch we received when its open
The Wrap-N-Mat is a reusable  place mat that doubles as the wrapper for your sandwich. They also make a snack pouch version for thing like crackers. They come in several sizes Original Wrap: 13" x 13" - Grande' Wraps: 17" x 14" - Large Pouch: 7" x 7.5" (Same capacity as a typical sandwich baggie) - Mini Pouch: 5” x 6” (Perfect for toddlers; same capacity as the snack sized baggie) they come in a wide variety of colors and prints and you can even get custom orders.

To clean a Wrap-n-Mat you can simply lay it flat and wipe it off with a damp cloth or you can place it in the top rack of the dishwasher and lay it flat to dry. super simple and easy.

I made my daughter a PB&J to test out the original wrap it was easy to use and simple to fold I did not even have to read the directions. You simply lay it flat on the counter put your sandwich in the center fold in each side fold up the bottom fold down the top so the Velcro sticks to the other half of the Velcro.  The snack wrappers fold up a lot like the sandwich wrappers do except you fold it up then put in the little snack and then fold down the top. We left a sandwich out on the counter over night to see how well it kept a sandwich from getting dry. It worked quite well the sandwich was Not dried out I say it performed Equally as well as a plastic bag did in our over night test my sandwich was nice and fresh. The Bonus the part I love is that I get to use it again and again I never hae to toss it out like i would a plastic sandwitch bag so Im SAVING MONEY!!! something super important to a mom on a budget.

the Original Wrap-N-Mat opened
Like a Place mat
The Wrap-N-Mat  we received is made with a Cotton outer and a Low Density Polyethylene BPA PVC FREE  inner lining. They are not made for Hot foods but you can put them along side a cold Pack to keep foods cold.  I found them to be a bit wrinkly looking on the inside but its on the inside so You don't really see it tell you open your sandwich. I like that I can open it up and I have a Place mat to eat on. It works wonderfully when we go hiking and stop to eat on a rock.

I Believe Wrap-N-Mat is a quality product and I love that I can chose to order a Wrap-N-Mat that are 100% Made in the USA I encourage everyone to come check out a Wrap-N-Mat at http://www.wrapnmat.com/Default.aspx


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