Thursday, August 8, 2019

The bathroom project has been at a stand still the last couple weeks. Mostly because I couldn't decide on a shower trim kit. What in the world makes these so expensive. I found one for $800 who spends $800 on a shower head valve and handle. I mean really folks this thing is going to wash the sweat and dirt off my body nothing else.  Now I might consider an $800 one for about 2 minutes if it was going to make and serve me coffee while I was in the shower but seriously people have gone crazy if they are really spending that kind of cash to get clean. So I began my search for something reasonable. I hit up the local DIY stores like homedepo and Menards. They gave me well two stiles and 2 color choices for each. I could have it in either chrome or bronze. Neither style appealed to me for the price. I quickly moved back to online shopping. I trolled around for a few days and finally found something on SALE that I though I could live with. The rough in valve, shower head and handle to turn it all off and on for around $100. I went with brushed nickel mostly because the sink we purchased a while back had brushed nickel knobs and I figured why not.

While I was trying to locate a shower trim kit that was not going to cost me my first born. My neighbor scored me not 1 but 2 old 6 pane wood windows. That's right folks BEST NEIGHBOR EVER!!!! The needed a little new glazing putty, and a little light sanding and paint touch up but over all they are in fantastic shape. One will be turned into a medicine cabinet. I bought the lumber for $20 I will run it through the plainer so its all the same size and then join the corners with biscuits a little paint and bam Ill have a medicine cabinet for under $30. I finished the glazing last weekend and I am hoping to build the cabinet half this weekend but we will see what the weekend holds.

My Shower trim kit will be in next week and I hope to start making some progress on it.

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