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Dyslexia Gold Review

Dyslexia Gold is a program designed to improve Reading and Spelling. I improves reading by an average of 12 months in 10 hours. With just 15 minutes a day. They offer several different packages to fit your needs. We received the Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle. The full bundle include Engaging Eyes which is the vision training program, Fluency Builder that improves phonological awareness, Spelling Tutor to learn over to spell over 1,000 common words, Times Tables Tutor to learn tables up to 12x12.
Fluency Builder contains 50 lessons. Every lesson covers a different sound and then has games to improve phonological deficit and a easy or hard reading passage. Fluency Builder is made up of activities that have been proven to activate the parts of the brain that are needed to read fluently. Your child should play this for 10 minutes a day.

Engaging Eyes should also be played for 10 minutes a day. It contains 3 different games that help improve reading accuracy, speed and comprehension. The first game is target practice. It's a 3D game that helps your child learn to focus both eyes on one single point. If both eyes need to be able to focus on the same letter when reading. This game was difficult for one of my children and not the other. It just so happens that the child that was having trouble seeing the 3d targets is also the one that writes some of her letters backwards.

  She just could not see the 3d targets I had her keep playing even if she could not hit or see the targets. It took up intel just recently for her to finally be able to see the 3d targets and be able to shoot the targets on a more consistent basis. The next game is called Eye Tracking, in this game your child will follow the letters across the screen and then to the next line much like they would when reading. Only every time they see the letter b they will hit the space bar. This helps train your child's brain to track words and letters across a page. The last game is Whack and Alien, in this game your child practice quickly focusing on one alien and then quickly focusing on another and another in order to whack them. It has 2 different levels one is faster than the other. Both girls enjoy playing this game and they got faster and faster the more they played the game.

Spelling Tutor is unique in the way that decided which words to test your child with by analyzing the child's mistakes. The words are then tested over and over with bigger and bigger gaps between each test. This is supposed to help them retain the words in there long term memory. Spelling tutor also has dictation. Where your child hears words and then sentences that the they write down. Once they finish they then check there own work to see what they got wrong reinforcing the correct spelling of the words.

I haven't noticed a change in my oldest she found all the activities easy and has done quite well with them. She said they were to easy for her but she is a strong reader. How ever I did notice a difference in my youngest. Her reading fluency is not quite as strong as my oldest. She understands what she is reading but it takes her a lot longer to read out loud. Over the course of the review I was able to notice small improvements. Like I said above she had a tough time with the 3d targets and was not able to see them tell recently. She was quite excited when she was finally able to see and hit those 3D targets. It just so happens that she is now able to read an entire 5th grade chapter book in just 2 days. This was something that had taken her a full week or more prior to Dyslexia Gold. I haven't noticed much difference in her spelling but she was always a decent speller. Her handwriting does seem to be better though. She is not making letters backwards as often as she was. Over all I am pleased with progress she has made with the program and I hope I will continue to see improvements in her as she continues to practice with the program. 
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