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Reading Eggs Review

Online Reading Eggs Suite
Online Reading Eggs Suite
We used Reading Eggs some time back when the girls were younger. They loved the online program then and still do. My oldest has aged out of the online program but my 4th grader still has a bit of time with it. Its much the same as when we last used it. We still love the explanations and the activities she still thinks they are fun. The ease of use is still very child friendly. They have just released something new that you can use in partnership with the online program. This is a physical workbook called 200 essential Reading Sills for Fourth Grade (it is available in other grade levels this is just the one we received) You can purchase and take a look at all the books through this link https://www.readingeggsshop.com/workbooks/.

The lessons in the book are designed to coincide with the lessons in Reading Eggs. The book covers reading comprehension, spelling and grammar. The lessons are designed to be completed in 15 minutes a day. Each lesson is labeled Week 1 Day 1 and so on making it very easy to follow. They are given 2 reading comprehension lessons and 2 spelling lessons and 1 grammar lesson a week. So the book will give you 15 min a day for 5 days a week for 36 weeks. This would get you through a hole school year. Do I consider the book alone a complete curriculum, no I feel its more of a supplemental program but if you were to combine it with the online program I might be able to consider it a fairly compete program. I feel like the workbook blends in well with the online program and gives them the best of both worlds. They get the instant feed back and auditory learning from the online program but they also get the hands on learning from the physical book. If you were to use both the online program and the work book I think it would take around 20-30 a day to do both. The shorter lessons help to make it less overwhelming and I think together both programs would be great for a struggling reader.

The book is in color and that makes it a little more interesting. Snoopy likes the reading
comprehension stories they start out easier and get a little more complex as you go through the book. They get a little blip at the top of the page that tells them what they are looking for. Like the week 1 day 1 lesson tells about making predictions. Then it gives the passage in the top middle of the page and along each side of the passage it ask them to circle or underline things in the passage. Like circle what the goats did to the children or highlight how Mr. Kent was standing when he looked at the crabs. This is the hands on it gives them something to look for and by highlighting or circling or underlining it helps to reinforce understanding. Down at the bottom of the page it will ask them a couple of questions about what they read. The spelling lessons vary on what it wants them to do. There is always a short simple explanation at the top and then the activity. Some times its just a write the words. Some times its a fill in the missing letters or maybe a complete the sentence. I like that it changes and is not always the same activity. On grammar days they get an explanation at the top of the page and then a few questions or activities to reinforce what they learned. One day it might be a word maze where they color in the pronouns to find the finish line or it might be a complete the sentences with an adjective. There are also some review days thrown in here and there.

For parents there is an answer key in the back of the book. We grade together and talk about any mistakes that were made. You will also find some standards listed at the bottom of each days lesson. This would be helpful for those of you that are required to list them on lesson plans etc.

For Readingeggs.com she is in the Reading Eggspress level which is for ages 7-13. There is a placement test you can have your child take to help start them off in the right area. They can also re-take the placement test at any time. It covers all the same topics that the book does but its interactive. The interactive part is great for auditory learners and those that are visual learners. My daughter is using the app version of it this time on her Ipad 2. So far we have had not technical issues with using it on the app. It logs in just like it does when on her laptop. She is able to navigate the lessons and so far as long as she does one lesson a day they have matched up with what she has been working on in the workbook. I really like that they go hand in hand to reinforce each lesson. She loves the video lessons and how interactive the program is. She thinks earning her targets are cool but doesn't really get the point of the trading cards.

She has a dashboard that shows her progress in each area: Comprehension, Lexile level and growth, books read, assessments completed, progress by category, spelling lessons, trophies earned as well as what she has done in the stadium (these are the games she plays). The page is printable for record keeping it is in color but looks just fine in black and white. I am impressed with the progress chart and find it helpful for keeping track of how she is doing since its a self grading online program.

Don't forget you can purchase the workbooks through https://www.readingeggsshop.com/workbooks/.

If you purchase the books through this link be sure to enter the code :WK10HFTPKW6 at check out to receive 10% off. In addition to this you can use this link to receive 4 free weeks of Reading Eggs: https://readingeggs.com/crew57/ 

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