Thursday, September 6, 2018


We are big on tradition in our family.  When ever a new slab of cement gets laid someone is going to get there hand put in it that's just how we do it in our family. When me and my brother and sisters were little it was us. Our little hands and big hands are forever in cement in my now brothers back yard. Now at our forever home my girls were just 1 and 3 when we laid the last of the cement for the shop and they smash their little chubby hands into it. Now at the ages of 9 and 11 we have laid another bit of cement this time for the stairs for our new deck. Once again they waited with eager anticipation to smash there not so little hands into the cement once again. Next time you lay a little cement down at you house consider letting your little or not so little ones smash their hands into it. Make a good hand print write their name in it and make a beautiful memory that will last a life time.

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