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Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs

Reading EggsReading is all the rage in our house at the moment. My girls enjoy trying out new reading programs. An we are always excited to try something new. We are using Reading Eggs to brush up on the girls overall reading skills. Reading Eggs is a online subscription base program so you must have a computer and internet access. It has several levels Reading Eggs Junior is for ages 2-4, Reading Eggs is for ages 3-7, and Reading Eggspress is ages 7-13. They also have Mathseeds that is for ages 3-9.

Since my girls are already well into reading we mostly used the Eggspress portion of the program. I do not consider this a complete curriculum but it is an excellent supplemental program if you are looking to brush up on some skills or if you have a reluctant reader.

The Eggspress part of the program is designed to build a child's skill in reading, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. The age range for this part of the program is 7-13 or grades 1-6. It is packed full literacy activities and games to keep their interest. They earn rewards as they move through the program in the form of eggs. These eggs can then be spent to play games or get virtual pets.  Although my daughter says you don't have to take care of the pet and she said that seemed a little unfair. I guess she wants to be able to feed it. All of the program levels work on both PC and tablet and Ipads. We are mostly using it on our laptop.

Navigation is easy for kids and very self explanatory. At the start of the program your child will take an assessment or placement test. This will help the program to know where to place your child within the program. If they are having a bad day or what ever their is an option to have them redo the placement test or you can adjust the level to fit them a little better. Their is a learning path that the assessment puts them on and they simply click on the part of the path their character is on and it takes them to their lesson.

The Reading Eggspress library has over 2500 online books. We found that it offered a good variety of books. The girls described it as a LOAD of books. Both of the girls were able to find books that they enjoyed and were excited to read. The library is broke down by category like science fiction, mysteries, sea creatures, adventures etc. After they read a book they are given a few short questions to assess reading comprehension and critical literacy etc.

It has a reporting for parents so you can easily see what kind of progress your child is making at a glance. I like this feature a great deal, I have yet to figure out if I can print off these reports and it is something I will have to investigate if nothing else I will take screen shots for my records.

I wanted to mention real quick that they have just added some new resource guides that you will be able to find under the bonus material tab. These look to be wonderful and I plan on downloading a few this week.

Even though Reading Eggs is to low of a level for both my girls. We did cruse around it and we found it to be set up a lot like the Reading Eggs Express. I felt like the lessons would be easy for a younger child to follow. I can see it being a great supplemental program for a young child who needs a little extra help with reading. Reading Eggs also offers Math Seeds and I would encourage you to stop in and take a look at it.

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Reading Eggs

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