Thursday, October 8, 2015

Have you Ever ?

Have you ever felt the need to spray paint an empty spiders web?  While hunting for maple trees me and the girls came upon an empty spider web. The girls were taking a look at it and we were discussing how and why spiders make webs. I had the crazy thought what would happen if we sprayed the web with spray paint? The results were so cool it sent us on a lesson about spiders. 
We now have several florescent colored spider webs around our yard. The light dusting of paint brings out all the fine details of the web. Allowing the girls to inspect the web better. Of course we were very careful to ensure there was no spider home at the time.  Check out out our cool Pink spider web. I held a piece of black fabric behind it so that the details would show up better in the pictures. Hope You enjoy our cool little Spider web progject

We found this frog too ! 

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