Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tommie Copper


A late night add lead me Tommie Copper. They make some really cool compression gear. If you have ever been a runner you have probable used compression gear on an injured ankle or knee at one point or another. Tommy Copper is a little different than your typical compression product. Its comfortable, breathable and non restrictive.  It uses multi-directional support and proprietary copper-infused yarn to provide relief from arthritis and other joint pains, promote muscle recovery and reduce inflammation all while being comfortable enough to be worn throughout the entire day. The company says that the copper has great pain re-leaving properties. Arthritis suffers people with joint pain have been using copper for years. Tommy copper offers compression sleeves for knees, elbows, and ankles. They also make compression shirts, shorts, and gloves.  Prices range from $24.50 to $44.50 depending on the item. The compression gear comes in several colors black gray and a green. Everything can be found hear at

The palm of my moms finger less gloves
My mom suffers from Arthritis and my dad has developed lower back pain when he has to walk for very long. He also suffers from Elbow pain. When I got the opportunity to review Tommie Copper I knew they would be perfect to test the products. The company has a great measuring guide to help you pick the right size for your needs. I found it to be accurate it was a great help in choosing which sizes to get.

My mom wearing the gloves
I gave my mom the pair of finger less compression gloves. She has had arthritis pain in her left hand for several years now and it has gotten progressively worse. She put on the finger less gloves right away she said the gentle compression felt great. She had tried some other compression gloves in the past but they are always either too tight or two loose. The Tommie copper gloves were the first pair that fit so comfortable she could even wear them at night. She has been using them for several weeks now and has noticed a big improvement in Pain when she is wearing them. There is also improvement when she takes them off for a day or two. They work well enough and are so comfortable that she is not willing to give them up and is thinking of ordering a second pair. They wash up nice, and dry quickly. Her only issue is that the grip they put on the palm of the gloves is a little stiff and broke in a couple places right where her fingers and hand bends the most and it was scratchy. I had to trim off the piece that was sticking up.
My moms foot

My mom also got to try the Ankle compression sleeve. She has had pain in her ankle for about a year now they think its arthritis. She tried a ankle brace she got from walmart it was a joke. It was too tight and would make her foot sore. But the next size up was too big. I told her this ankle compression sleeve would be different and she put it on, right away she said it felt great. The bottom edge that you walk on is smooth there is no rough seam or ridge to irritate your foot when you step on it. Its not restrictive like some of the other ankle sleeves. It allows her the freedom to move easily yet gives her just enough compression to ease her pain. She is now navigating the stairs once again with out pain. I am so happy to see her chase my girls around the yard again.

Pict from the Tommie Copper site
My dad got to test out the Men's compression shirt and the Elbow Sleeve. He is a bit of a skeptic when it comes to this stuff but his back and elbow has been bother him so much that he was willing to humor me and give it a try. He tested out the elbow sleeve first the compression was perfect he said it was just enough to stop the severe throbbing pain he was having. He says he still has a dull pain with it on but it has helped a great deal and he is not in a lot pain at the end of the day. His only issue with the elbow sleeve is that the elastic on the top can chafe the under side of his arm a bit right where the two ends are stitched together. I think turning it around and putting the seam on the top of his arm where the skin is less sensitive might help solve the issue. He said its not anything that would make him not want to use the sleeve. He wears it every day now and I am glad to see him doing the things he loves.  
He also got to try out the men's Compression shirt. He did not think it was going to do anything and was worried it was going to be hot. The first day he had it on happened to be a warm day and he kept telling me while we were working on the shop "this thing is not as hot as I thought it was going to be. Its really not bad". He also said he did not think it was doing anything. I told him to give it some time.  Later that night he after he took it off he declared he was wrong ! He said I guess that shirt was doing more than I thought it was. My back felt so much better with it on. I ordered the shirt using the measurement guide but he said he feels it should have been a size smaller. Despite that, It has helped a great with his lower back pain. I recently went to town with him while he was wearing the Tommie Copper compression shirt. For the first time in years he was not rubbing his back. Most days his lower back is killing him after walking on a cement floor for an hour.  He is thinking about ordering the next size down to see if it would give him even better results since this one is a little on the relaxed side.. He said his back feels better it makes walking and standing for extended periods of time tolerable. I am thrilled to see him doing what he loves the most building Hot Rods. 

I don't know if its the Copper in Tommie Copper compression gear or the unique way the fabric stretches.  But it doesn't really matter. It's comfortable its affordable and it works. I can honestly recommend Tommie Copper to anyone that suffers from any kind of joint pain.


Disclosure: I received these products at no cost for review.  All opinions are my own. 


  1. does the tommie copper also work for lymphedema of the arm and hand?? Have ask and emailed but never got a respond????

  2. I just got my gloves. I'm an artist. Can you tell me if your moms gloves have a little play in the palm? They fell good but I wasn't sure if they are supposed to be super snug. My glove come up just a little when I close my hand.

  3. That copper looks very interesting.

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  4. My gloves are a size small and a little loose around the palm of my hand and wrist....Are they suppose to be tight all around?

  5. Do the Tommie Copp helps with a hernia,

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