Friday, March 30, 2012

Leather Jewels

I love Jewelry and Leather Jewels makes some really cool hand crafted Jewelry. Everything is reasonably priced. from rings at $8.00 to Necklaces at $47.00. I am sure everyone can find something they love and can afford.

I featured Leather Jewels Items a few weeks back and I thought the time was right to display some of there other works of art. they were kind enough to send me a variety of thing they have to offer.  Beautiful hand painted bracelets.  Wonderful hand stamped necklaces and bracelets. I got a little carried away with the pictures because I wanted to show each item they sent me in detail. I received a Hand painted bracelet that has two snakes on it.  The colors are beautiful and I love the texture. It is slightly raised and reminds me of scales.

There were tow different hand stamped bracelets one has the word WANTED stamped on it and one has Africa stamped on it. The stamping is very clean and evenly done. I love the buckles on the bracelet with Africa stamped on it the WANTED bracelet closes with a small leather string.
Buckles seem to be in style right now and I received a wide cuff bracelet with double buckles on it and a narrower bracelet with a single buckle and silver chain decoration. Both are very nice bracelets. Pay attention to the sizes of the bracelets when ordering. To be sure you get the proper fit for your size of wrist.

Both me and my girls have really loved checking out all the beautiful jewelry that Leather Jewels sent to us. I hope you enjoyed seeing it and hearing about it. Check them out at .

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