Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lebert Fitness Equalizer

photo from Lebert website
I got the opportunity to try out another great work out product a couple months a go. I wanted to really test this one out so I took a little extra time to work with it and see what it could do for me.  Lets get the technical stuff out of the way first. 

Each Equalizer bar weigh about 8 pounds. The dimensions are 28-1/2 inches high by 25 inches wide and it has been tested to support up to 400 pounds of body weight. The Equalizers can easily be stacked together, taking up little storage space.
The package I received  included 2 Equalizer Bars, Beginner/Intermediate Workout DVD with Marc Lebert and Laminated Poster. It sells for $114.99 at

This is what the company says about the Equalizer:
Simplify your exercise routine, and conquer your fitness goals with the LEBERT EQUALIZER Total Body Strengthener™.   The Lebert Equalizer™ is a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works arms, chest, back and core muscles like no other can, using your own body weight as resistance.  Created by personal trainer and Taekwondo Black Belt, Marc Lebert, the Equalizer™ is now being used by athletes of all levels and ages, in bootcamps, group fitness, sports conditioning classes, martial arts clubs and home gyms everywhere.Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide what level is right for them by "self-spotting". Self-spotting means the legs can be used to assist the user to perform exercises and/or when they cannot continue an exercise. A simple modification (usually leg placement) can allow for the set to be extended.
With the ability to easily add more repetitions (without having to stop and change a pin in a machine or have someone helping) this product becomes very versatile. This simple versatility allows the user full control over the amount of body-weight used for a given exercise. The result is greater muscle endurance and strength. 
Now that the technical stuff out of the way hears How I feel about the Lebert Equalizer. 
I Like it! this thing is so great for something so simple It works wonders. When I opened the box I had to laugh I thought to my self how are two bars going to help me get in shape. I assembled the two Equalizer bars took me all of 10 min including the time it took me to chase Snoopy down when she stole the Allen wrench from me. Its super easy to assemble you don't really even need the directions to figure it out. I put in the Beginner/Intermediate workout DVD in and sat down to watch it. It seemed too simple to do me any good. I can now admit I am not in as good of shape as I thought I was. The beginner/intermediate workout kicked my but My upper body was so sore the next morning that I just had to do it again. I have since gained strength and have modified my work outs to be harder and have added more reps but it does still give me a great workout and allows me to change up my daily workout with out too much fuss. I love that I can do the Equalizer workout in my own living room there is no need to drag my self to the gym or pay gym fees something a mom on a budget is excited about.  It fits in the closet or under my bed so its out of the way when I am not using it. Its a quality built piece of equipment they did not skimp. It has a great solid feel, even when I am doing reverse crunches I feel safe. The Lebert Equalizer has given me a great work out and a good bang for my buck.

Here are some great photos from the Lebert site of my favorite Equalizer Exercises. 

Come check out the Lebert Site for some great videos and more information
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Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

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