Thursday, December 29, 2011

MeLuna Menstrual Cups

Warning This is a Girly Product so stop hear if you are Guy and squeamish (My Husband said I needed to Put a warning on these Reviews so hear it is)

MeLuna Classic in S,M,L, XL
MeLuna Is a menstrual cup that's made in Germany it is a money saving Eco-Friendly alternative to menstrual pads. They are small cup shaped sanitary product for women They are made from latex, silicone or in case of MeLuna from TPE. MeLeuna comes in four different styles and are also available in four different sizes. Each cup comes with a microfiber storage bag. They also offer hand made storage bags and disinfection cups as well as some other accessories.  Take a look around there site at note there is a drop down menu on the right to change languages. If I converted it right they cost around $17 and they are reusable so one would last you for years to come. 

MeLuna is unique compared to some of the other menstrual cups I have reviewed as they have the Classic which is a firm TPE and the MeLuna Soft which is made from the same TPE but  is about 25% softer than the Classic it does take a tad more practice to place it. They Have Four different styles One with a removal stem,  one with a removal ring one with a removal ball and then they have the basic that has no stem at all so it just has some grip rings around the bottom.  They also come in 4 sizes

Size S: for women under 20 who have not given birth vaginally, small menstruations flow,
Size M: : for women under 20 years – 25years who have not given birth vaginally, middle
menstruations flow,
Size L: for women over 25 or who have given birth vaginally, middle menstruation flow,
Size XL: for women over 30 or who have given birth vaginally, with heavy menstruation flow,
All of the menstrual cups currently available have higher capacity than a regular tampon.
The menstrual cups must be removed before penetrative vaginal sex. They are not contraceptive

Measurements and volume new MeLuna 

size     volume            volume        biggest          length            length           length          length
           to holes            to rim          diameter        BASIC           STEM           Ball              Ring
S           15ml                23ml              38mm             45mm              57mm             53mm          55mm
M          20ml               28ml              41mm              48mm              61 mm            57mm          60mm
L            24ml               34ml              44mm             51mm              66mm             62mm          66mm

XL         30ml                42ml             47mm             56mm               71mm             65mm          69mm

MeLuna Soft in S,M,L,XL
 So now all the facts are out of the way I would like to share my Opinion. I got the opportunity to try the different removal stems this was new for me as the other menstrual cups I have reviewed in the past did not have different stem options so I was excited to try this out. I love the ring style Its easy to grip when remove it but I do have to use a smaller size cup if I have any type of stem or they are just too long. If I use the basic cup which has no stem at all on it I can go with a size larger which is nice on a heavy flow day. All of the MeLuna cups have nice grip rings around the base of the cup for ease of removal they are more pronounced than some of the others that I have tried.

MeLuna is the first menstrual cup that offers a soft menstrual cup and a classic(firmer)menstrual cup. The MeLuna soft is made from TPE and is 25% softer than the Classic I love that MeLuna gives this option. The MeLuna soft is definitely easier to fold and remove and would be great for someone that has an easily irritated bladder, but it can be a bit more tricky to get it to pop open and sit right so someone new to Menstrual cups might need a little more practice. But I think it would be more comfortable for a teen to use but is a little hard to get to pop open. The Classic is definitely firmer and pops open easier but is not as flexible so folding is a little harder and it is not quite as easy to remove but I think it would be great for someone with lower muscle tone.

MeLuna offers 4 sizes Small Medium Large and extra Large most menstrual cups are either one size or they offer two sizes one for younger women who haven't had a baby and a larger size for older women or women who have had a baby. I personally like the Size options. I have had 3 pregnancy's but find the size two cups for women who have had a baby to be too long for me. So I like being able to chose a length that works for my body during that part of my cycle for me a Small with a stem or a medium with out a stem. I would Like to Note that a smaller cup can lead to having to empty it more often as the smaller cups hold less not an issue for me but could be an issue for someone else if you hate emptying it or are unable to empty very often. (see the MeLuna cup capacity chart at the beginning of this post) 

this photo chart from Meluna offers good size comparison
 MeLuna also offers Colored Cups Yes that's right Ladies I said colored. Ok so that might sound stupid but I am In LOVE with the MeLuna colors I want one in every color if I could afford it. I have never reviewed a colored menstrual cup before so I was completely excited they are so beautiful, yes I know no one will ever see it so what does it matter well I know my cup is a great color and it makes my day a little brighter and I see it every time I empty it OK a whopping two times a day but still.  I believe I counted like 10 different colors so there is a color for everyone. They even offer a Glitter. The colors are a little translucent but are vibrant and bright and I can see them staying this way for the life of the cup did I mention that they can last a really long time if taken care of.

Care and cleaning you can get a disinfection cup from MeLuna so you can pop it in the microwave and sterilize it or you can be like me and just clean it with hot water and a mild soap. If anything gets yucky in the vent holes just put water in the cup place your hand flat on top and squeeze the bottom to force clean water out of the holes. Do make sure you allow it to dry well before storing and I would recommend storing it in a cloth bag so that it can get air. MeLuna sells some great looking storage pouches I don't have one so I cant say from experience but they look super cool and I would love to order one.

I received the MeLuna Menstrual cups as a Free sample for this review my opinions are my own.


  1. I know this post is a little bit old, but i was googling for info and this was very helpful. Thanks!

  2. Like the previous commenter, I was googling for Meluna info and came across your post. This is so helpful - thanks for taking the time to review these cups!!!

  3. MeLuna's menstrual cups are great, I love the fact they have different stems and a broader range of sizes and stiffness. You can read more info on my website and purchase them for 14€/pc. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!