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Supercharged Science Review

Its Science time with  e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum by Supercharged Science. This is a video based science curriculum that is online. It's designed to teach your kids real science. Its is a subscription based service like most online programs are now days. It covers grade levels Pre-K to 12th grade. Units can be done in any order its completely up to you on how you use the program. Looking at the number of lessons available I think you could successfully fill an entire school year with this one program.

Each science lesson has complete video demonstrations, how to lessons, full explanations, worksheets, a shopping list, and quizzes. It's available 24 hr a day 7 days a week as long as you have internet connection you can watch a lesson. It is a self guided program so your kids can basically just sit down and go. The majority of the lessons taught in this program are hands on lessons. There is always something they can do which helps reinforce learning.

I got logged into Supercharged Science there is an introductory video that I recommend watching as
right now navigation is a little tricky. They are working on making navigation easier. When you log in you can navigate either by topic or grade level. Right now as a self guided lesson my kids are struggling to figure out what to do and where to go next.

We have just finished our main science curriculum we are not really studying any specific topic at the moment.. Since I make hand made soap my kids are quite familiar with how soap is made and I decided to just type soap into the search bar and see what lessons it brought up that had to do with soap. The very first lesson that came up was called Microwaving Soap. Now I have done this experiment my self when I was in school but I really couldn't remember why the soap expanded when heated in the microwave. But I remember being amazed by it. The experiment called for a bar of Ivory soap, I make my own soap. But we found an old bar in the back of my moms bathroom cabinet.
The lesson gives a written explanation then it gives a list of materials needed for the experiment. Below that list is where you find the video part of the lesson and below that is where you find the printable worksheets. I printed the worksheets so that the girls could have them while they watched the video. I gave them there bar of soap and let them loose to see how they would do following the lesson on there own.

So the girls watch the lesson they are all excited to try it out they pop the bar of ivory in the microwave and total let down.   This is what it did!

I really wasn't sure what went wrong they followed the directions but it never expanded. So we tried some handmade soap. This was whipped soap that floats in the bathtub it simply did this.....



On our next trip into town I picked up another pack of Ivory soap and the girls gave the experiment another try. This time the soap expanded like it should have. Our best guess as to what when wrong is that the first bar was just to old after all it has been in the cabinet for at least 3 years. So this is what the soap should have done.

Microwave soap was just the first lesson that we tried. There are so many different topics and videos I could not possibly list them all in this one review. Some of our favorites were the 4th grade lessons on magnetism even I learned some new things in this lesson, Rocks and minerals was also a hit as we are planning a trip to a diamond mine in the fall. For the 6th grade lessons we liked the lesson on Heat Transfer and my oldest enjoyed the ecosystems lesson. 

All in all I am very pleased with the selection of videos and lessons offered by Supercharged Science.  I feel that it covers all the topics for each grade level in a fun way. The videos are so helpful and give the girls a much better understanding of the lesson than just reading it from a book or having me explain what happens. I found the I usually had mots items needed for the experiments on hand and if I did not have them I was able to find them at a local store.  I found it easiest to navigate by grade level as it helped me to stay on topics that would not be over the girls current understanding. However I would like it if it had the ability to show which lessons have already been completed. 

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