Wednesday, May 22, 2019

So this is happening at our house

Our aging bathroom has begun to give us trouble. The toilet is starting to leak. The tub enamel is chipping the plastic wall surround is cracked and brittle. Its just time for this retro bathroom to be repaired. This is what it looked like the day I began DEMO!

This is what it looked like that night. Everything is out but the tub, sub floor and dry wall. As you can see the stain on the dry wall where the surround was beginning to leak. All this dry wall will be removed so that I can put in a tile shower.

A great neighbor came and helped me haul that beast of a bath tub down a flight of stairs. The tub is thick cast iron with enamel. That wonderful neighbor took is repurposing that tub as a water trough for his Mule. 

The hole project will take me a couple of months to finish since I only have weekends to work on it. It will be a tile shower with a linear drain. I have never done tile work so this hole process should be fun.

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