Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Super Beads by Zirrly Review

Super Beads 3D Car and Truck
It's homeschool craft time this week, we tried out a new product called Super Beads , it's a craft product made by Zirrly. I know you are wondering what is a Super Bead. Well I shall tell you they are fun amazing beads that stick together with water. I remember when I was younger I used to get these bead kits where you put the beads on this little plastic peg board making a design. Then you had to melt them together with a hot iron. When they cooled you had a hard plastic flat design. I have no idea what they are called but I remember making them and burning my fingers with the iron or catching the wax paper on fire. Well Zirrly has made something sort of like that but completely different and in a good way. Their Super Bead kits do not require melting and stay flexible. The one we received Made the Super Beads 3D Car and Truck. Totally cool right.  

The box came in the mail and I really was not sure what to expect. I was trying to figure out how water was going to make these stay together. The girls were excited to try it no matter the outcome. Since our kit came with both a car and a truck I let the girls decide who was going to build which  one. We set out all the supplies in the kit. I am going to recommend putting each of the bead colors in to bowls or small containers. We read the directions well there are more pictures than actual reading to be done but that made it simple. Basically you take the plastic peg board and put the pattern under it. Their are tabs to make sure its lined up right. Then you follow the pattern by simply matching up what color bead goes where. They fit very snug on to the peg board. The biggest thing is to make sure you press them all down and they are level and straight. Once you have done this you simply mist it with water. The water activates some sort of amazing glue that sticks the beads together. (The beads become very sticky so you don't want to touch them tell after it dry's. You will also want to make sure your hands are dry before touching any of the beads.) It says to allow it to dry for 30 min before you remove them from the pegs. We had trouble with this. I think it might have been the humidity but ours stayed wet longer than 30 min. We ended up just letting ours dry over night and finished up the project the next morning. After the main pieces are assembled you will use some more beads and some plastic sticks to assemble the main pieces and put the wheels on. A tad more water to stick it all together and you have this super cool truck or car to play with.


The beads stay some what flexible after they are dry and both the  car and truck drive quite nicely. I don't know if they meant for them to actually be played with or not. But so far they are holding up very well. My daughter has been driving them around for a weeks now and so far so good. That is some super amazing glue. 

Zirrly makes a nice collection of Super Bead projects and I do believe we will be giving a few out as gifts to the cousins this year. Don't forget to click the banner below and see the other Super Bead projects the Crew Families tested. If your feeling social check them out on facebook and give them a like.

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