Thursday, September 21, 2017

Things cool Mom's do...

Me and the girls love to ride bikes. We are looking for a reason to get out and ride. We recently took a weekend camping trip so of course the bikes had to come. This time the girls were in for a little surprise. I found these crazy bike lights on amazon. You basically put them on the rim of your bike and as you ride around they light up. The faster you go the more you are able to see a image form. The ones I got just do different shape patterns. The girls did not know they were getting them. My youngest was helping me unload and when I took her bike down she said mommy what's on my tire. I told her it was a stabilizer to help her ride better. She shrugged it off and went on to play. Later she comes and says mommy that stabilizer is not working. I told her took some practice and went on. That evening around dusk I turned on all the lights when they weren't looking and said hey who wants to ride to the bathroom with me. They both jumped on bikes and took off. They got about 10 ft from the camp site when they each screeched sissy your glowing.

These turned out to be a lot of fun we took several evening bike rides around the campground and the girls really enjoyed their surprise. 

I would like to remind everyone that we were riding in a safe location at a campground  theirs was still enough light to see the area we were riding in and the kids always wore their helmets.

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