Thursday, September 28, 2017

New Things

Well my 35 year old tent gave up on us. It just didn't have another season in her. She was experiencing dry rot and the floor was getting holy. So we start a new chapter in our camping life with this tent upgrade. This tent is bigger than our old 8x10 colman canvas tent.  Our new one is a 10x14 Kodiak Flex bow canvas tent. It sports a door on each side and 6 windows. Yup that's right this baby has 6 windows when they are all open its almost like sleeping under the stars but with out the bugs. Because it has so many windows it is great for the warmer summer months and when you close it up its is great for the cool fall months and good for the colder winter months if you take along a little heater.

This is probably the easiest and fastest tent I have ever put up. It has two flexible bows on each end, one ridge pole and then 2 support poles ones on each side. The awning is optional so you don't have to use it if you don't want to. We put it out just for grins and giggles and from the looks of the pictures I should have pulled it a little straighter. To put it up you  pound in the stakes, stick the flex bows in to the pockets on each end and into the holes on the ridge pole push the two pieces of the ridge pole together and slip the collar over the joint. After that you put the side poles into the end of the ridge pole and slip the hook on the bottom of the tent into the bottom of the pole and you are done. With out the kids help the tent is up in about 15 min. A little longer if my girls help and if the ground is rocky and the stakes are hard to pound in. If you are looking for a new tent I can safely recommend this one. 

   We are off to enjoy our new tent see you on the flip side.

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