Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jr Treehouse Masters

Have you ever seen Treehouse Masters on Animal planet. I am sure most of you have seen the show at some time or another. In case you haven't its basically its a show about the building of treehouses. Most of them are grand treehouses that have things like tv's, plumbing, insulation etc. My girls have taken a liking to the show. Surprisingly enough it has inspired them in new way and big way. They have been bitten by the treehouse bug. Every where they look on the property they are trying to figure out what tree would make a great treehouse. They are not looking for grand just something to climb around in. Maybe camp out in during the summer when the cousins sleep over. They would like a pulley so they can raise and lower things to the top and a roof to keep them dry when its raining. They can envision a low table and some fluffy pillows to sit on and do classwork. Just your basic kids stuff. No matter how much I wish I could give them this dream, this single mom just does not have the money to build such a thing right now. So for now the girls have accepted that a tree house is just not something mommy can do right now. Today while I was working in the garden two little voices ask can I have this stick of wood. Sure I said just don't hurt your self on it.  I went on with my work. A few minutes later hey mom can I have this other piece of wood. A few minutes later how about this piece of rope? my youngest yells dangling a 4 ft piece of rope from her hand. Now I am curious as to what they are up to. Dusting off my hands and jeans I follow the sound of little voices, they were not arguing or fighting they were sounds of two sisters working together.  This is what I discovered in the only tree in the yard that is low enough for them to climb. My two JR Treehouse Masters hard at work trying to build that little treehouse dream. Its such a small tree it doesn't really fit in the tree most of it is on the ground. It's a dogwood so I don't think it could sustain the weight of a treehouse but they are giving it there best. They are doing so well working together and trying to figure things out. This is one proud momma I only wish I could help them build them an actual treehouse.

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