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A+ Interactive Math Math Mini-Courses Review

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

Introducing Math Mini-Courses from  A+ Interactive Math.  A+ interactive math is now offering a way to close learning gaps. They offer 20 different Math Mini Courses. Each course offers an in-depth review of math concepts from a basic to advanced level. You get 1 year of access to the online courses and prices range from $9.99 to $19.99. You can review the course as many times as you like with in that year. 

With a Math Mini Course you get video lessons, interactive Review, Worksheets+test, automatic grading and printable reports.

We used Elementary and Middle School Division for 1 parent/1 student. We also received the Money Mini Course for 1 parent/student. 

The Elementary and Middle School Division course covers a lot. It starts out with an introduction to division and moves on through division in relation to subtraction and multiplication. Then Division using objects, and travels on through to end with dividing a 4-digit number by a 2 digit number. As a mom who does not excel in math I was pleased to see how it broke things down and that the lessons built on each other. I though it was fairly simple to follow. The lessons are clear and were easy to understand. 

When they log in it takes them to a main dashboard from there they can select the video lessons w/interactive review. Printable work sheets and test and a how to get started video. You can also view a PDF of the lessons. The girls start with the video lessons w/interactive review. I have them complete all the lessons and reviews before they move on to take one of the test. I did find the printable worksheets to be great. They fit in with the lessons and help to reinforce the concept that was being taught. We have used a lot of printable work sheets. 

Our only real complaint is on the video lessons. You have to remember what lesson you completed last. It does not automatically progress to the next lesson when you log in the next day. My daughter has to write down what lesson she did or she forgets by the next day. Not a big issue but some sort of check off would be helpful. You also have to click update lesson status so that it marks that you completed the lesson and marks down a completed date. They also must click the frog to submit an answer on the Interactive Q & A questions.

We also had the opportunity to try out the Mini-Course Money, This starts out with counting pennies, nickles, dimes etc. and continues through to making change and ends with calculating sale prices and interest rates. My 6 year old is working with this one. The beginning lessons on counting and making change are great. She is doing well with them I am pleased to see her money counting abilities are getting better.  I like how it progress through the course. Each lesson is building on what they learned before. The graphics are great. She loves that the Interactive Q&A  questions are corrected right away. How ever the interest rates are a bit over her head. 

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

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