Friday, September 18, 2015

Retractable Screen Door's

I have found the greatest invention known to man. Ok its not that good but it is a wonderful invention. Our up stairs front door swings inward but has a low hanging eve. So if you have a screen door it hits the eve of the house and only opens about 2 ft wide. The house came this way when my parents bought it. Recently when my grandmothers health started getting worse we had to remove the screen door so that I could get her in and out of the house. It was so nice not having to fight the screen door just to get in. How ever as spring arrived I began to miss opening the front door. Now fall is hear and I still miss being able to open the door. This is where the trip to the home improvement store came in. Shopping for a new screen door I discovered that they make a retractable version. Holy cow batman the thing essentially roles up and out of the way. Needles to say we snatched that baby up.

So now the new front door is completed and its time to install the new screen door. I haul the box up stairs rip it open and stare at the parts for a while. The box says installs in 30 minutes. I am thinking this is more like a two hour project. I hate reading directions but it was clear this was going to be one of those projects that I was going to need the directions for. I quickly glanced over the directions and declared I knew what I was doing. The hole thing turned out to be fairly easy. You basically snap the top and bottom tracks on to the sides. Then stick it against the facing of your house and screw it on. We have a deck and our door threshold is slightly lower than the deck. I did not want the bottom track of the screen to stick up above the deck. I was thinking older parents and tripping hazard.  Out comes trusty drill, wood chisel, and my favorite ball-peen hammer. It took me an extra 15 minutes to chisel out the space I needed on the deck boards. Now out beautiful retractable screen sits flush with the deck and it actually works. If you are looking for a new screen door definitely look into one of these. Check out this handy work. Now that's one good looking screen (ignore the cut out you see on the top left that was for the old screen door to open i'll fix that one day)

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