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SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers Review

SmartKidz Media Review

SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers is a digital media resource library that is cram jammed full of learning videos. It is produced by SmartKidz Media  ~http://www.smartkidzhomeschool.com/. SmartKidz Media has basically compiled a bunch of educational videos all in one easy to access place. The library contains videos for a wide range of subjects. Including history, science, health and fitness, lifestyle and cuisine, travel and adventure, art, music etc. There is also a baby signs program, Quick study guides, a good ammount of Ebooks, and a fun zone that contains games puzzles and riddles. This is a subscription program and at the time of this review a one year subscription goes for $99.00.  The site does not have any out side ads or links. So its safer for kids to use. Although I still recommend supervision when kids are doing anything online.

The girls have been watching video lessons on SmartKidz for several weeks now. We have been getting a lot of rain lately. So these have been our rainy day go to videos. The videos are of good quality and play nicely from both our laptop and the Ipad. The videos keep the girls interest and they usually ask to watch more than one.

The world of discovery section has been the girls favorite so far. Specifically the animals and wild life collections. These videos give such great information about so many different plants and animals. We have actually seen quite a few of them already.  They have often spotted an insect or animal when we are out hiking or biking and have to look and see if we can find a SmartKidz Media video on it.  

I discovered that SmartKidz Media has some health and fitness videos. These give the girls a little something different to do for PE class. We do a lot of out door PE type activities. But when the temperature hits 100 its just to hot be out side for long. We have given a few of the health and fitness kids videos a try. The girls liked the aerobics and exercises for kids video the best. I found the music a little annoying but the girls loved it and really got into the movements the video was asking them to perform. So I let them do it when ever we cant get out side. I think these videos are a great way to get kids moving. The health and fitness section also has some videos for adults. Like pilates, and bodyforming. I tried out the pilates video it seemed a little to easy for me but I am circuit training kind of girl, so I am used to fast passed and heaver weights. It was still a good video and my mom enjoyed it the day she decided to join me for a work out.

I do not allow the girls to play video games but I do make the acceptation for the occasional educational game. I decided to use the fun zone as a reward for a job well done on another assignment. I allow the girls a limited amount of time in this area. We set a timer on the desk so they would know when their time was up. They tried out several activities in the Fun Zone, and the girls really enjoyed the find the hidden treasure game. They are big fans of the I spy type books and games and this is a lot like that. Across the top they will find the outline of some objects then they have to look through the picture to see if they can find the items. The girls usually work on this together as more of a team work activity. They like to try and find all the items before the timer runs out. They also think the monkey that giggles when you select the wrong treasure is the funniest thing ever.


In case you are wondering SmartKidz Media will be expanding
the medial library in the near future. We love all things history in our house. We are most excited to see that history videos will be added.  I often use videos as a supplemental for our regular curriculum. The girls read about it in our books, then if they can see a video it helps to cement the information in. The videos just make some things a little more exciting. I cant wait to see what videos will be added next. I am trying my best to use patience while I wait for them to be released.

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SmartKidz Media Review
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