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CTC Math Review

CTCMath Review
Today I bring you CTC Math, this is a great math program that my kids have absolutely loved. You can check it out here http://www.CTCMath.com. We received the12 Month Family Plan for homeschoolers there is a special discount for homeschool families. At the time of writing this review the home school family plan is 2 or more children and is $118.80 for a 12 month subscription. Which gives you access to all grades from kindergarten through trigonometry. You can move between grades if your child needs to. It has 1,367 animated and narrated lessons that you can fast forward, rewind, and play as many times as you want. It includes test and 57,000 interactive questions. The CTC Math also offers instant feedback for both the student and the parent. The girls love that they can see how they have done right away. CTC Math is a full curriculum for grades K-6 and is recommended as a supplement for grades above 6th. I wanted to address the common core issue real quick since so many are asking. CTC Math is not common core aligned they teach math the traditional way.  It will also run on all modern HTML5 platform including Ipads and windows operated computers.
Each of the girls have their own log in. They log in and select the grade level that they need and then choose the days lessons from there. Both of the girls have been using CTC Math to review and brush up on any gaps that may have occurred this year. We will begin using it as our full time curriculum in a few weeks. For now I have given them each a list of areas that they need to work on. They are free to select from that list what they want to work on for the day or week. HotRod Princess has been working on the division and multiplication sections the most. Math is not her favorite subject and I have yet to hear one single grumble about doing a lesson for the day. The narrated lessons are so easy for her to understand. I love that it teaches using the traditional method. Division was something we had just began to touch on in our previous curriculum. It was clear that it was not clicking for her. I had her log in to CTC Math and find the first narrated lesson for division. I came back a little while later and she was already working on the interactive questions. I had her explain to me what she was doing and why. She was getting it, actually getting it after just one lesson. She admitted she had to watch it twice and said she did rewind it and listen to parts of it again. She proceeded through the rest of the lessons and interactive questions over the next two weeks. I had her take the comprehensive test instead of the standard test and she scored a 89%. 
Snoopy girl is just cruising along with CTC Math.  It has now become her program of choice. She actually ask to use it most days. We are at the end of kindergarten, and I felt she was a little behind in money counting.  I want them both to be able to count money and make change easily. So we used the money section as our jumping off point. The explanations have worked very well for her. They are simple down to earth lessons with out a lot of fluff. The girls both appreciate that it gets right to the point of the lesson. I was glad to see that it covers coins like 50 cent pieces and 1$ coins. We don't come across these types of cons very often any more. But I want the girls to be able to recognize them and know the value of them. I also love how realistic the coins and bills look. It makes it much easier to recognize them in real life.
Every homeschool mom loves a good report.  This is my favorite parent feature of the program. This makes some of my day so much easier. I can get an up-to-date look at everything they are doing that week and how they have scored on it. I can print it all out and store it in their portfolios.  Every lesson they do is logged and given a score it even logs what date and how many attempts they did. The reports can also be sent directly to your email account.  
As the kids improve and complete different levels of the program they are given awards. The awards are fully printable and the girls love hanging them on the wall. Another great feature that I consider a report of sorts. Is the ability to print the questions they have answered for the lesson. I can have them print off the questions they have finished for review or just to keep in their portfolio. 
 My next favorite feature is the speed skills game. This is an added bonus to an already great program. Your child can access it from the bottom of the home page. It has 4 levels and under each level you can select a set of skills to work on. My girls are working on memorizing math facts so this has been perfect. I never had to memorize these as a child and I wanted the girls to get a better start at math than I had. They have been playing this game using the level 1 over the last few weeks. They are now in competition with each other, to see who can get the most correct the quickest. It has become so much fun for them they are actually asking to practice it.
We are in love with CTC Math and I am excited to add it our list of curriculum for then new year. Be sure to click the banner below and read what other crew members are saying about CTC Math.
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CTCmath Review
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