Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We have SNOW!!!

This week we got our real first snow of the winter. We have had some light dusting off and on but this is the first one that was actually enough to go sledding in. We got a whopping 10 in of snow early yesterday morning. I though I would share this picture of our front yard just before dawn. (yes that is all our front yard all the way to the trees in the far back) I called a snow day and the girls took the day off form school. We spent most of the day either shoveling the snow off the decks and drive way or running around in it. Me and the girls attempted to go sledding but it was too powdery hopefully it will be better for sledding this afternoon. We did how ever manage to have a snow ball fight and we took a long snow hike. It looks like we will be getting some ice in the next couple days and possibly some more snow. For those of you who are enjoying the snow with us. Me and the girls wish you lots of FUN and HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!

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