Sunday, December 14, 2014

Field trips galore

A couple weeks a go one of my sisters invited us on a homeschool field trip that lasted three days.
Yes that's right we went on a three day field trip. I know we are crazy but it was loads of fun. We visited the Saint Louis science center, planetarium, the Saint Louis Arch, The Magic House, the Museum of Transportation, and last but not least the ZOO! Because it was a three day trip there are going to be a lot of pictures in this post.

We started at the Saint Louis Arch which was finished on October 28th 1965. It cost a whopping 13 million to build. My sister gifted us with tram tickets to the top of the arch. We squeezed two adults and 4 kids into this little tiny elevator that moves both vertical and horizontal. It was a tight fit but totally worth it. We traveled all the way to the top of the arch it is 630 ft. tall and we spent near an hour just looking out the windows and taking pictures. You can actually feel the arch sway with the wind when you are inside it. It was a windy day and we were blessed with this experience. The girls thought it was cool and couldn't wait to tell Nana about it. Nana waited on the ground for us because she is scared of heights and there was no way we were going to get her up there. It was a very cool experience. We also visited the museum that is located at the bottom of the arch. It covers some American history and the girls got to try on a real buffalo skin to see how the Indians felt wearing one. It was surprisingly soft and heavy.

We tried to visit the zoo. The girls normally love the zoo and we have been quite a few times but it was so cold that day that there were hardly any animals out and after a couple of hours we decided to

call it off and head to the science center and planetarium. These two places are very cool if you are ever in Saint Louis you should try and stop in for a visit. The kids spent about 4 hours exploring the science center. The girls explored everything they could get there little hands on. Thanks to there aunt who bought them tickets they each got to watch an Imax movie which was amazing and If you ever get a chance to see one it is well worth the money. They each had there favorite part they both loved running on the hamster wheel to help power the huge erector set. Snoopy liked looking down through the windows that were in the floor of the bridge that crossed over the high way. Hotrod girl loved the Imax movie the best she is still talking about it weeks later.

We spent almost an entire day at the Magic House. Its a giant three story house and everything in it is

HANDS ON!!!!! a homeschool moms dream. They have everything from mock construction zones, play veterinary clinics, to a bubble room, to magnets and static electricity. We had to drag the girls out the door at closing time. I loved the static electricity room they had this metal ball looking thing that you put your hand on and they turned it on and it created static electricity and made your hair stand out all over. The girls basically loved everything the bubbles were cool they got to stand in the middle of a ring and make a huge bubble around them selves. They played huge musical instruments, used different pulley systems to raise them selves off the floor.  Slid down a three story slide and basically ran them selves silly trying to experience everything the place had to offer. It is defiantly on our must see list for our next trip to the city.

We also visited the Museum of Transportation. On the day we visited it was raining cats and dogs and was super cold. Since the weather was so bad we did not get to stay as long as we would have liked and some things like the miniature train ride was closed. We got soaking wet trying to explore some of the trains that they had available to climb on and we had a picnic lunch and visited some of the classic cars they had indoors HotRod girl tried spelling her name out in morse code and snoopy took her picture by an airplane and then we called it a day and went swimming at the motel.
All in all we had loads of fun and learned all sorts of fun things. We cant wait tell the next field trip. Happy Homeschooling !!!!

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