Monday, October 20, 2014

Bullet Train Safe Wallet!

I have finally stepped into the world of smart phones. I had to update I chose to go with the IPhone hubby got me the 5S. Cool little phone I don't do much other than make calls and text on it but its cool none the less. The biggest down fall for me is its size. This thing is huge compared to my little Samsung phone that I have had for the last 6 years.  I am always looking for a ways to make my day to day life more simple. I want less stuff in my purse. I have looked at tones of different phone cases since I got the new phone. Its hard to find the perfect case. I wanted to be able to put my id and debit card in the case with my phone and eliminate my wallet one less thing to juggle with two kids. I actually checked out a few cases that had this feature. The downfall to those is my cards were visible for all the world to see.
Then I stumbled on the Bullet Train Safe Wallet that hides your cards. You can find it HERE.  The case sells for $59.99 with free U.S. shipping. They come in some nifty colors: red, black, blue, orange, white, purple and pink.The Bullet Train company sent me a Blue one free of charge to review for you. Its a cool idea for a phone case. It holds 5 credit cards or 15 business cards. I have my id my debit card and a folded up $20 bill stuffed into it. The folded up bill makes it a little hard to slip my card in and out when I need it but I am old fashioned and I like having cash, I did discover that putting the cash against the back then putting my cards on top seems to work the best. I love that my cards are tucked away hidden from prying eyes. There is also a secret hiding spot on the inside of the case that will fit a bill if you fold it up small, but you have to take the phone out of the case to get to it.

The case seems to be fairly well made. I have not been brave enough to throw it down stairs or drop it on the concrete so I cant attest to its ability to protect from drops but it should do a decent job.  It fits my phone very snug it was kind of hard to so put on my phone, took a little work to get it on. It has a slight raised edge around the screen to help protect  the screen from drops. Its made of a hard plastic type material. I would like to see it have a slim silicone inner lining to help give it more protection from drops and bangs.  The case is slick so it slides in and out of your pocket easily almost too easily, I do wish it had a little silicone on may be the corners so that it doesn't come out of my pocket so easily.

The case is actually quite slim its about as thick as a sharpie marker. It makes for less junk in my purse and when I am headed to the park with the kids I can just stuff it in my pocket and I have everything that I need. The speaker sound seem to be the same as it is with the case off. The camera and flash both work well. The only down fall I found is the car charger my husband bought me will not plug in with the Safe wallet on my phone there is a piece of plastic on the charger that does not allow it to plug in all the way. How ever my regular wall charger that came with my IPhone fits with out a problem. So I bought one of those handy USB chargers that you can change the cord on and I just plug the cord that came with my phone into it works quite well. I might look for another cord that will work with it so I can just leave one in the car. Other than that small issue its a very handy little case. I love the slim design It looks good and holds everything that I need to make a quick run to the grocery store.

slightly thicker than my lens cap

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge in order to perform this review. All opinions are my own.

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