Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ark Therapeutic Pencil Grip Sampler Pack

With both girls in school now writing has become a big deal. Hotrod Princess holds her pencil too close to the end. Snoopy is a lefty like me and is working on keeping her fingers in the correct position all the time.  I found a great company Ark Therapeutic that sent me one of there Sampler Pencil Grip Packs to try out for this review.  Pencil grip Sampler Pack sells for about $21.99 you can Click HERE to find it on there site or If you like to shop Amazon you can click HERE. The pack comes with 13 grips. It is perfect if you are hunting for a grip that works for your child. It has a little of everything.
there is two grips missing from this photo
1 Butter Grip- the round design promotes an open web space and helps prevent hyperextension
1 The Pencil Grip- a classic grip that guides the fingers into place
1 Jumbo Grip- its a larger version of the The Pencil Grip for additional support up to the second knuckle
1 Crossover Grip- the same design as The Pencil Grip, but with wings to prevent the thumb and pointer finger from crossing over each other.
1 Pinch Grip- similar to the Crossover Grip, but with a miniature version of the "wings" for less restraint
1 Grotto Grip- similar to the Crossover Grip, but made out of a firmer material with an extra lip to keep the middle finger in place.
3 Writing Claws- 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large- three sleeves that guide the pointer finger, middle finger, and thumb into the correct tripod grasp
1 Foam Grip- a cushioned grip for those who may grip the pencil too tightly or need a fatter pencil
1 Ridged Foam grip- similar to the Foam Grip, but with a slightly bigger diameter and ribs for extra tactile input
1 Triangle Grip- a triangular Design that provides a tactile cue for correct finger placement
1 Short Triangle Grip- similar to the Triangle Grip, but half the length and slightly bigger in diameter

We have spent the last couple weeks testing out the different grips looking for something that works
well for each of the girls. If you are looking for the right pencil grip the Ark therapeutic Sampler Grip Pack is the way to go. It gave us a large selection to try with out having to reorder again and again. Snoopy has taken to the Crossover Grip she likes it better than the Grotto Grip because it is made of a softer material and is more comfortable, she has a tendency to hold her pencil too tight.  Hotrod Princess has used them all and still has not settled on any one grip. She does seem to grab the The Pencil Grip a little more than the others.                                                                                
Right now I am keeping them all in a jar on my desk so they have the opportunity to try out different ones and find what works best for them. I sent the small Writing Claw over to one of my nieces she is 3 and learning to write and has a hard time remembering how to place her fingers on the pencil. It is the perfect size for her little fingers and seems to be working well for her.
this photo is from the Ark Therapeutic site
I loaned ours to my niece to try out and forgot
to snap a picture.
Disclaimer I received a free sample of this product to try out for this review. All opinions are my own or that of my kids. Photos may not be copied with out my permission. 

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