Thursday, June 12, 2014

AirForce BlowGun

Foam dart guns are all the rage in our house right now. Thanks to AirForce BlowGun my girls have discovered a love for foam dart guns. The AirForce BlowGun is a super simple foam dart gun. Basically you stick a foam dart in the barrel of gun place your mouth on the mouth piece gently suck in and then blow out to launch the dart out of the barrel.  Its so simple even my 3 year old niece can shoot it. They sell for $24.95 on click HERE to find them. They also sell refill packs you get 50 darts for $9.95 click HERE for those. Click HERE for the AirForce BlowGun web site.

When our AirForce BlowGun arrived the girls were super excited and basically tore open the shipping box to see what had arrived. In side the actual box we found the BlowGun, a pair of safety goggles, and a pack of 10 foam darts. There is some minor assembly required but no tools are necessary. All you have to do is stick the mouth piece on the side of the gun I didn't even need directions to figure this part out. We did read the directions on the back of the box to see how to load the gun. One of the first things I noticed is that its made of a nice sturdy plastic its not a flimsy hunk of junk.

It took the girls who are 4 and 6 years old all of 2 min to figure out how to load and shoot the AirForce BlowGun. My 4 year old is a lefty and she does have some trouble shooting it but I hear a left handed model is in the works. They also offer a video on how to convert a right handed gun to a left handed gun. We may have to do this if the left handed models don't come out soon. I'm not sure how long I can handle the two girls arguing over this one gun. We definitely need a second one. Pop (aka grandpa) is even getting in on the fun and chasing the girls and Nana (aka grandma) around the house with it. You can also shoot baby marshmallows out of it.
The aim is surprisingly good for a toy.

I have no complaints about this toy. It works wonderfully there is really nothing to stop working on it. Since you use your own lung power to shoot it, you don't have to pump it up like some of the other foam dart guns. So in less your kid tosses it off the second story deck or pounds on it with something heavy this baby is going to last you the long haul. I do wish they sold them in two packs since its a lot more fun to play with a buddy.  One of the tips did come off one of the foam darts but I just glued it back on it was not a big deal and I am sure one of the girls probably pulled it off while they were arguing over who's turn it was. I have to admit everyone in our house is arguing over this thing. I have a feeling everyone is going to be putting these on there birthday and Christmas list this year. Check out this cool video from AirForce BlowGun.

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Disclaimer: We received a Free AirForce BlowGun to test out for this review. All opinions are my own or that of my family and children. We were not paid for this review.

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