Friday, October 4, 2013

The LeapReader™ "Ready, Set, Read & Write" Party

I was given the opportunity to work with LeapFrog and MomSelect on a fantastic new Leapfrog Product.

Everyone Knows how much I love Leapfrog's learning products. So this was a great thrill for me to be able to host this party. Our Party was for the New LeapReader Ready, Set, Read and Write. We received a party pack to help us host the party. It contained two Leapreaders pre-loaded with Leapreader books and learning apps special for our party. LeapReader Books including Learn to Write Letters with Mr.Pencil writing Workbook, Talking words factory writing workbook and LeapFrog Disney-Pixar Monsters university 3d book and monsters university 3d glasses, Get Ready for kindergarten book, talking words factory flash cards, two Leapreader sampler books and lots of great information for parents and teachers regarding the new product.

I want to give you the basic information on the new LeapReader and how much it sells for on the LeapFrog site and of course my opinion of the product. First off The LeapReader starter system sells for $49.99 or LeapFrog offers several different bundle packages starting at about $79.99 to around $94.99. They offer the LeapReader pen in three colors blue, purple and green. you can find all this great stuff by clicking HEAR.

The new LeapReader is the complete learn-to-read-and-write solution. It combines all  three literacy skills, reading,writing, and listening. Practicing them together helps children learn the skills they need to help become confident independent readers.
First Up is the Learn to Read portion of the product a little like the original tag system you can touch the LeapReader to any page to sound out words letter by letter. Read the sentences in character voice and play fun games that help to build reading comprehension.  I love that the LeapReader can sound out the words when they get stuck. This is a great feature for new readers like the HotrodPrincess. She knows how to read but still gets stuck on words some times.

The Learn to Write Feature is new and is something the tag system does not do. You can use the LeapReader to trace letters and numbers and write words with interactive guidance as magic ink appears on special mess-free paper.  Thats right this baby teaching writing too and on mess free paper. That means it only writes on the special paper. No scribbles on the kitchen table score one for mom right. The Learn to write feature is Snoopy Girls favorite part. She is beginning to learn to write her letters and numbers and the guidance really helps her to make the letters correctly. The Interactive guidance helps to ensure she is getting the help she needs when I working with the HotRod Princess on something else.

Learn To Listen feature helps kids develop important listening skills, reading comprehension, trivia challenges and learning songs. The smaller kids loved listening to the stories and the bigger kids like the HotRod princess loved the Triva challenges and Snoopy and kids in her age range picked up the songs easily and were quickly singing along.

I also want to say that the LeapReader works with the tag books so all those tag books you already own can still be used a definite bonus way to go LeapFrog for making that possible. I love the big selection of books Leapfrog offers. My girls are book worms and we need lots and lots of books. With a library of 80+ books, audio books, games and more. there is enough to keep my girls reading for a while. The Girls love there tag system but they love the new LeapReader even more. I liked the Tag system but I am truly impressed with the improvements and upgrades that come with the LeapReader and I am so glad we were given the opportunity try it out and share it with friends and family. The party was big hit and the LeapReader is on the must have list for Christmas this year.

Pictures are from the leapfrog site because well I forgot my camera at home I will update with some photos and videos as soon as I get back.

Disclosure: I received these product at no cost to host this party for our friends at LeapFrog and MomSelect.  All opinions are my own or what my kids and guest thought of the product.

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