Sunday, October 14, 2012

Munchkin Math

We got a great opportunity to work with Munchkin Math this month. It happened to be great timing and worked in with what we have been working on for math this month.
Munchkin math offers 3 great DVD's  one teaches how to tell time and is geared for kids ages 2-9 years old. A shapes DVD that helps teach shapes for ages 2-8 years old. There is also a DVD called Counting Money that teaches yup you guessed it how to count money its geared for kids 3-9 years old. Each DVD sells for $19.99 + shipping  or you can get all three for $39.99 + shipping. found hear at

HotRod Princess wanted to show 12:00  

I thought I would start with the Telling Time DVD since my girls are currently watching it for the 5th time today. This is a cute little interactive video that helps your child learn hot to tell time. Wendy Miller the creator of munchkin math teaches rhymes chants and hand movements to help kids learn to tell time. There is also a cute little animated bird named Cuckoo that my girls love. The DVD runs about 29 minutes and my girls have no trouble watching it for that long. They love love love this video and its sticking with them today Snoopy came in singing one of the rhymes from the video 12 is up and 6 is down and here we go around and around !They are both understand what the big hand does and the small hand. The HotRod princess can now tell time on the hour and is improving on telling time on the half hour.  I am so excited that they are both starting to be able to tell time how ever that makes it harder to trick them into going to bed 30 min early.

 Next up is the Counting money DVD. Counting money has been a hard concept for the Hot Rod Princess. This great little video comes with a FREE money worm mat printable that you can print from there site and use along with the video. In this video they learn the value of each coin, as well as essential math concepts. Using great rhymes, chants and hand movements. The auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues help children learn faster and retain information. The girls really enjoy this video too. The Hot Rod Princess gets more out of it than snoopy does at the moment but she still loves singing along and I believe she is absorbing some of the information. The Hot Rod Princess is starting to be able to identify coins and is doing much better with remembering how much some of the coins are worth. Its a great add on to any math curriculum and its fun to watch I keep getting the rhymes stuck in my head. I caught my self at the store check out counter the other day chanting one. This video is 22 min long and a very cleaver way to teach counting money.

The Shapes DVD is just adorable I love the characters Zoid and Pent as they take the girls through the world of shapes. Kids will have fun learning about shapes and math concepts that will forever be part of there lives. Its a catchy video that the girls really do love watching over and over.  The Hot Rod Princess can now identify a trapezoid thanks to the character Zoid that keeps getting trapped by one she thinks its the funnest thing every time he gets trapped. Snoopy's favorite part is the octagon because she likes singing an octagon has 8 8 sides and making the wiggly octopus legs with her arms. They are both recognizing and pointing out shapes in our daily lives. The Hot Rod Princess informed me when we were driving the other day that a stop sign is an octagon and has 8 sides. The shapes DVD  is about 20 min long and like the other two videos they love watching it over and over again.

All three of theses videos are a great investment and worth the price.  We have really enjoyed adding them to our curriculum and they are watched almost daily they girls actually request them and often argue over which one they will get to watch that day. You know its good when your kids beg to watch it.

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