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GlassFuzion  is the major supplier of crystal glass nail files in the United States to wholesalers as well as to the general public. The company prides its self in bringing you the finest bohemian crystal glass nail files available. They have everything from small crystal glass nail files to foot spa bar files. They even have great nail file cases and a great smelling foot cream. You can get files with added designs and various color choices.  Prices range from $5.95 to $22.95 all there great files and accessories can be found at All GlassFuzion files are easy to care for they can be sterilized with heat, liquid and UV lighting or simply washing with warm soap and water. Frequent use reduces nail chipping and peeling and you can dip in water to get a flawless finish. You can even use them on artificial nails. 

 received a couple products for this review the first is the 5 1/2 in comet nail file. We got the one with the green Swarovski Crystals on it. It sells for $15.95. They come in other colors and designs, I think they are all beautiful and the quality is amazing.  Its a great file for you manicure box its larger size works well on both fingernails and toenails. The Swarovski crystals are beautiful and have held up well. I usually have a hard time finding a nail file I love. I have very brittle nails that chip easily and I often find my self frustrated with regular nail files. I was excited to try out the GlassFuzion file and wanted to put it to the test. Me and the girls had a manicure pedicure night and we did everyone fingers and toes. It worked so well I was surprised at how smooth my nails turned out after I filed them no chipping or splitting. My mom even loved it and she has hard nails that most files leave rough and unfinished looking. Her nails came out so beautifully that she ordered one for her self and my sisters for Christmas. Cleaning it its so simple and easy, just rinse it under warm water you can even add a little soap if you wish. It comes clean and looks just as new as it did before you filed your nails with it. I love that it wont wear out. I go through regular nail files very quickly. Its amazing to me that I wont have to keep wasting money to buy new files every month. The files are worth the little bit extra that you pay. I would love to have one of the 3 1/2 in files to carry in my purse. I am always needing a file for the girls.

The Spa Bar foot file. AMAZING !!!! the  Spa Bar measures: 6.25"x 1.25"  x 0.25" and sells for  $22.95 and worth every penny. It comes in lots of colors so i am sure you can find your perfect one. I received the green one its a very nice color of green. (I would love a blue one). I have really tested this out with summer ending I have some crazy rough feet.  I admit it my feet take a lot of abuse. They are rough from walking around barefoot and they are calloused from my steel toed work boots. I decided it was time to make my feet soft and smooth again. The Spa bar foot file did the job better than anything I have ever tried before. I have tried the sand paper foot files. The scary cheese grader file that was out on tv a few years a go. Nothing has worked quite like the Spa Bar. Its got two sides one is slightly rougher than the other so you start with it. It will get rid of all the really rough stuff if you feet are really really bad you might have to rinse it off. Then you flip it over to the not so rough side and you finish it off this side smooths out anything that's still left and gives your feet a nice silky smooth feel.  You simply rinse your feet off after that an apply your favorite foot cream. I used Glass fussion's foot cream because they sent me a little sample tub and I am a sucker for trying foot creams.  It smells so good and re-hydrated my tired feet. We all know how tired a moms feet can get and a good foot cream is a wonderful experience at the end of a long day. 

The Hard case is the green tube on top

I also received a Hard Case File Protector they are a hard plastic case that comes in two sizes one fits the 3 1/2 in nail file sells for $3.25 and the other size fits the 5 1/2 in file and sells for $3.75. I got the green one to match the file they sent me. Its a very nice color and fits the file well. I love that I have something to protect my crystal glass nail file if I want to stick it in my purse or makeup bag when I travel. Because this file is defiantly going with me when I leave home I love it so much I wont use anything else now. 
GlassFuzion crystal glass files are wonderful and everything I had hoped they would be. They would be a wonderful gift for any mom or daughter.

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

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