Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wonder Gel Sof-Pillow

This week I am featuring the Sof-Pillow by Wonder Gel. 
Wonder Gel uses a special Column-buckling Gel. It is a cushioning surface that enables pressure redistribution and equalization through a pressure 'threshold' technology comprising hollow columns in a unique elastic gel. This patented column-buckling gel technology has been used for over 15 years in therapeutic care of advanced critical care hospital patients. After it was clinically shown to heal pressure sores, this Column-Buckling Gel technology has been used in Intensive Care Units, Burn Centers and Critical Care Units in the best hospitals all around the world.

I revieved the Wonder Gel Sof-Pillow to review this month. Its a Multi-purpose pillow that provides unsurpassed comfort. 

  • Perfect for sleeping and relaxing and positioning
  • Unique shape provides optimal lumbar, leg, and neck support
  • Ultimate home or travel pillow – goes anywhere you go
It sells for $29.99 and you can find it hear  There is a limited supply of the Sof-pillow so they are only available while supplies last.

I had never even seen a Gel Pillow before the Sof-Pillow landed on my door step. The first thing I want to talk about is super soft ultra plush pillow case that stays cool on your skin. It really does stay cooler than the average pillow case and it feels so soft on my skin. The Sof-Pillow its a curved pillow that has a very high quality polyurethane foam core and the Wonder gel surrounds it. The gel feel amazing. The Wonder Gel is flexible and molds to your body when you put pressure on it. I tried it out as a regular pillow the first night but found it to be a bit to small and the curve is a bit too much for me to sleep on all night. So the next night I used it as sleep position-er for my leg as my lower back was hurting.  It worked great for a sleep position-er and was very comfortable. I decided to try it out as a lumbar support while I write my reviews. I am actually using the Sof-Pillow right now and I am in love, it gives my lower back the perfect amount of support. In the car on the couch at the kitchen table while the Girls are Home Schooling. I love that the Sof-Gel pillow stays so much cooler than the average pillow it doesn't get hot and sticky.
Its a great little positioning pillow that I would love for everyone to check out. 

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product. 

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  1. Love this pillow! Used it during my pregnancy as a support for my belly. It really helped since it didn't add extra heat.