Thursday, July 19, 2012

This is week two of using for my 2 and 4 year old. Set up was quick and easy took me all of may be 15 minutes to get it set up and another 10 to get both users set up for the girls. I did some clicking around on the site I love that they can either follow the learning path or I can select what I would like them to do.
Snoopy loves it she is flying through the learning path. Since she is just getting a handle on her ABC's I started her off in the Preschool learning path level 1. She has completed 32% of the level one learning path. I think she loves the songs and the bubble game the best. I am looking forward to seeing her progress with it over the next couple months.

The HotRod Princess is on level  6 and has completed 53% of it in 2 weeks. I started her out on level 5 but got bored with it too quick It just wasn't challenging enough for her.  So I bumped her up to level 6 which is the last level available on She is a quick learner and tends to get board if she is not challenged enough. We are on lesson 39 as of today and we are starting to get into some new curriculum that she is unfamiliar with. She seems to enjoy most of the activities that they are offering her and is starting to get challenged. She does however get frustrated with the coloring pages. Its too simple for her and she clams its for baby's. She did get a math color page yesterday that required her to add two single digit numbers to figure out what color went where in the picture. She liked this coloring page much better than she did the basic ones where it doesn't require you to do anything other than just click the color you want and put it where you want.

We did have a minor technical issue with we had an activity on the lesson lock up and it would not show that the Hotrod Princess had completed the activity. I used the on line live help and they had issue solved in about 5 minutes. It was great customer service and I am thrilled that I did not have to call or email them and wait for a reply. So far we are liking and my girls have began to sing every time the site loads.

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