Friday, June 29, 2012

Loopeez Makes Shoe tying easy!

My 5 year old is learning to tie her shoes. I found Loopeez, it teaches kids how to tie shoes. Loopeez is great for those little fingers just learning to tie. Its got a sleek design that holds shoelaces in place to make learning to tie shoes a breeze. Loopeez is a universal shoe tying aid that is even used in assisting occupational therapy and rehabilitation patients. It helps learn to tie shoes in 5 easy steps. 

Loopeez can be found at and sells for $7.95 and you get a pair one for each shoe. Not a bad price at all to help teach your kids to tie there shoes. They come in several colors some even have a little picture on them like a butterfly or  ball.

My daughters shoes sporting Loopeez
We like Loopeez its a super simple product and its easy to use. Its made out of a rubber type material and is soft and flexible and its not real thick. We received the girls camouflage its pink and purple which my daughter loves. She says it makes her shoes look COOL!.  I do have to help my 5 year old get it on her laces step 2 in the pictures above. But from there she is able to finish the tying process easily. If her shoe comes untied it usually stays on the laces so she can easily tie her shoe again with out help. Loopeez is a fun product that does a great job in helping to get those shoes tied every morning.


Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

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